Larp Genesis: A Kickstarter to Film Larps and Show the World!



Live Action Roleplaying has expanded tremendously in popularity over the past decade. With new games popping up every day nationwide, even the mainstream media has begun to catch on and understand that LARP is here to stay.

Documentaries, television shows and even movies have all portrayed LARP in a variety of ways – but almost always in a comedic fashion. Few people who have not been exposed to LARP directly have ever had a chance to come to understand what we – as LARPers – love about the hobby.

LARP Genesis is a project determined to give LARPers and the games they love the opportunity to tell their tales in a new light for the first time.

Imagine LARP Genesis as a documentary re-creation of your LARP’s world history from an in-game perspective.

We will visit your game and film and photograph the entirety of a single weekend event. Following your event weekend, we will cut and edit everything we capture to help re-create the story of the game’s event weekend in an hour and a half long weekend cinematic episode. This episode will then be aired on our you tube channel. At the end of a ten-episode season, we will compile all of our episodes into DVD and streaming format.

In addition to everything listed above, we will provide each game we film with props and costuming from LARP prop manufacturers like Ateliers Nemesis, Calimacil, Epic Armoury and more. Including a custom “creature costume” that will be used in the feature.

Each LARP we work with will be given a custom musical score that will be performed, recorded and given to them following filming for use how they see fit, and a promotional piece of custom artwork based around the game’s lore will also be provided for use as they see fit once our work is complete.

Our goal is to present every game we work with in the most positive light possible, so we can finally show non-LARPers exactly what they’re missing.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Our listed goal is to cover the cost of filming and production for one episode, staffing and props. All contributors will be allowed to vote on which LARP we choose to feature. We will work with any game in the continental United States or Canada.

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Our mission at is to connect and expand the larp community. For the last four years we’ve been covering great content, building features such as the Larp List to help people find games all over the world, and we have big plans for the future. But, we can’t do it without your help: We need to keep servers running, the website hosted and for our staff to be well fed to keep turning the gears that make go!

The next time you make a purchase of larp gear, weapons, costumes, armor, etc. please do so through our Larp Shop. Thanks!

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