Larp Kickstarter funded: Anstarra is born!

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Editor’s note: Today’s guest post comes from Clay, one of the GMs at Anstarra. The staff at would like to congratulate them on being one of the only (if not THE only) larp Kickstarter projects to receive their funding. If you’re in the area be sure to check this game out.

The gamemasters behind had been involved with running larp events from California to Connecticut since the early 1990s. But we didn’t like the trend towards more and more complicated rules. When new players try the hobby they often end up frustrated or confused. A player’s first larp event is supposed to be magical. But instead we were hearing players say “I couldn’t keep track of my hit points” or “I didn’t know how to react to all the damage/spell calls”.

So, Anstarra was born. The name ‘Anstarra’ is eight letters long, and each letter stands for a rule. That’s it: eight rules. They fit on a postcard. New players can show up and start playing in 5 minutes.

But we needed money in order to launch this larp. We would ramp up with some free one-day games (on 11 acres owned by one of the GMs). But for the first weekend game we wanted to reserve a 350-acre site that charges $2,800 per weekend. The total budget for each event is more than $5,000; but we figured if we could secure the camp site, we could spend the next six months recruiting enough players to cover the entire budget.

We put the event on Kickstarter (, seeking $3,000. It was close, but we hit our goal, thanks to a core group of players really excited about the campaign and they helped spread the word.

With the site reserved for the weekend of October 12th-14th, we also scheduled three free one-day events this summer:

  • June 16 (Saturday)
  • August 18 (Saturday)
  • September 8 (Saturday)

These establish the plot arcs for our first weekend event, but they aren’t necessary in order to enjoy the campaign. The system is set up so that new characters are fully capable, on nearly the same level as experienced ones, so players can join the campaign at any time. And our writers are going out of their way to make sure there are plot synopses available to new players.

We still have room for both players (PCs) and cast (NPCs) at all of our events this year. So, now that we have funding to make all this happen, please come and enjoy the games with us!

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