How to make Larp Lock Picks

Larp Lock Picks

The Lazy Larper (who doesn’t seem very lazy at all…) has put together this awesome video showcasing how to create larp lock picks.

Materials Needed

  • Hard Plastic (like an old ice creme box)
  • Acrylic Paint (black, white, silver)
  • latex
  • Talcum Powder

In the video he suggests that having these lock-picks are essential for an immersive experience. What other often overlooked items are essential for an immersive experience?

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  1. Ragnar Torvaldson August 15, 2012 Subscriber

    Why in the name of fuck, would I want to have latex lock-picks? I’m not gonna be fighting anyone with them, am I?

    • Jordan August 15, 2012 Administrator

      Is everything in a larp for fighting only? Tons of things are for roleplaying purposes only.

  2. IdiotSavant August 15, 2012 Subscriber

    Ragnar: pretty obviously, if you’re going to be “picking locks”. Similarly, people might want to carry fake medical gear for “performing first aid”, authentic eating utensils and drinking vessels (and even food) for eating and drinking in character, and books and games for entertainment.

    but I guess if your game is only about beating things with a foam stick, then you can ignore all of that.

  3. Martin August 16, 2012 Subscriber

    Not everything that made out of latex is for fighting.(and not small things like that). My reason for making them out of latex, is I
    did not have any metal. So plastic and latex where my first thought. How ever I must admit afterwards it is propperly better and easyer just to make them out of plastik and paint;-)
    Also if one have some wire, making a few lockpicks out of that, go Sealy well with the plastic ones

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