AFK Heroes of Prophecy Full Larp Movie!

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Larp Movie: AFK Heroes of Prophecy

Hello Folks! Josh Jones from True Indie Films here, I have the great honor of dropping by and letting you all know that True Indie Films first feature about LARPers is now online for free! Thats right you can stream the whole movie for free. So before I start to blah blah you to death lets get the goods out of the way.

Follow the link below to see the whole movie.

Now some of you may be wondering why in the world you should even bother clicking on the link above to watch a movie you never heard of, and honestly that is a fair question. I have this to say, A) It’s free … No cost to you, just an hour and a half of your time. B) Its a movie about larpers, and not a Mockumentary, but a story about how Larpers rise to power and glory to save the world from an evil demon! Come on, How Cool is that! Here is the synopsis for the film.

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About AFK: Heroes of Prophecy

For Kyle Masters, life was grand. Rolling dice in his garage with his friends, a beautiful woman on his arms, what could go wrong…Oh where to begin? What was suppose to turn into an epic weekend of LARP fun, killing monster, slaying evil, and just general good times, turns into a weekend of watching his girl suck face with his arch nemesis.

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Gabe tries his best to help his best friend keep high spirits. Never letting Kyle forget that they are not at the LARP to play kissy face but to thwart the forces of evil! Then a weekend of Epic LARP adventure turns into a wild Misadventure after an Ancient Evil pulls all the LARPers into an alternate realm.
In this realm where imagination becomes reality, the group finds out that they now wield the powers they always pretended they had. Here they can become the Heroes they always felt they were. Like any good adventure the gang is handed a quest by the Sleeping Goddess.

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Slay the evil.
Save her.
And then find a way home.
Now the weekend warriors will set out to become the Heroes of Prophecy.

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I don’t know about you, but that just makes me all tingly. I know I may be a little biased … I was apart of making the movie. I don’t know how to fully describe this whole movie to you, for me it was a project of love. From writing it, to filming it, then to spending a year in post production. It was a long hard three year road to get this movie done. Funding it from our own pockets, I still have credit cards that need to be paid off from this movie, it has been the drive and want to see this movie completed that helped me through the dark times working on this movie. Even after three years of making it, and another two years of showing it around I can still sit down and watch this movie from beginning to end and laughing the whole way through. Just recently the movie showed at the Unreal Film Festival in Memphis, TN. It was very well received there, and then there was the VisionCon sowing where we had about 200 people in packed room, that was the happiest night of my life. So much time and love put into this movie. Which leads me to reason “C” on why you should watch this movie … C) Me Love you Long Time.

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