Want to larp in a decommissioned naval destroyer?

The Outbound Hope Mission

Another blast rocks the ship as klaxons blare. You wipe the sweat from your brow and stare at your screen: Another contact closing in. In the corridor, two medics drag the limp body of one of the engineers past your door. The casualties are already heavy. They can’t get any higher.

“Ensign!” The captain’s voice calls across your panel. “The forward gun is down. This shot is all yours!” You turn back to your task. The weapon system is failing, and you’re not sure if you’ll get a second shot. You re-direct the ship’s massive railgun, zeroing in on the target as it spirals toward you. The screen beeps to indicate a full charge, then again to denote the target lock.

You hold your breath… and fire.

*    *    *

Quest Adventure Gaming is excited to announce The Outbound Hope Mission – a multi-day, live-action role-playing event intended to give players the exciting, cinematic experience of being aboard a space-bound starship. Hosted within the interior of the decommissioned USS Edson in Bay City, Michigan, players will be engaged in three days of exciting science fiction adventures and missions.

For the duration of the event, the Edson – a decommissioned Forrest Sherman-Class Destroyer — will be outfitted to serve as the Ascendant Dawn, a military vessel leading a fleet of colonists into the unknown. The ship’s existing controls will be temporary replaced and outfitted with an intricate system of touch-screen panels that will allow our crew of players to interact and simulate the efforts of operating a massive starship. Whenever possible, the Edson’s existing locales – mess hall, berthing rooms, sick bay, staterooms, and even bridge and CIC – will all play pivotal roles in the rich storytelling that will bind together both characters and player experience. In addition to the Edson, Outbound Hope will also incorporate the use of additional sites and vehicles to expand player experience into a wider colonial fleet.

While the Outbound Hope universe draws thematic elements from a number of favorite fandoms, the world-building itself is original and expansive. Within the Outbound world, humanity has progressed steadily into the 23rd century, having weathered the chaos of climate shift, political uncertainty, and technological advancement of the preceding centuries. When a startling discovery allows humanity to begin exploring beyond the reaches of our solar system, the Outbound Hope Mission is sent to establish humanity’s first interstellar colony. As the Ascendant Dawn leads a fleet of colonists into the unknown, players will be tasked with overcoming the many obstacles of their new world – while still struggling with the rivalries of the old.

As a blockbuster-style live-action event, registration price is all-inclusive. Player registrants receive a unique and tailored character, meals, drinks, and snacks throughout the weekend, and on-board lodging for Friday and Saturday nights. Any necessary props and – for some characters – weapons necessary to a character will also be provided. For military characters, registration also includes an appropriate uniform. No further costume is required (beyond player-provided black footwear). Civilian characters will be welcome to design their own custom costumes – a feature reflected in lower registration costs.

Following enlistment, each participant will receive an online survey based on their registration preferences. The information from this will allow our dedicated story team to pair each player with an appropriate character whose background will provide the foundation of the individual the player will portray throughout the experience. Characters vary wildly, from loyal officers and cerebral scientists to cocky pilots and hardy marines. While the backstory provided to a player will lay the groundwork, it will be up to the player to develop the character and achieve his or her goals throughout the event. With a crew of over 100 individuals, players will need to work together – and against each other – to fulfill duties and objectives unique to their characters.

With two weekend events in November 2019, there are plenty of opportunities for exciting experiences among the stars. What adventures await in the unknown? Enlist in the ranks of the United States Space Command to find out! Registration begins April 19, 2019 – Learn more at OutboundHope.com!

For more information on the game and to sign up for their events visit The Outbound Hope Mission’s website: https://outboundhope.com/

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