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There’s a whole bunch of little stories floating around out there that are worth mentioning. Instead of putting each one in it’s own post, I’ve compiled a nice little list and gave my thoughts on each one. Most of these are people’s personal blogs so give them some love and share their posts with your friends.

  • First, ST Wild: On Roleplaying is a blog that is primarily about pen and paper roleplyaing, but has a post titled, Multiple Characers in a larp – Yay or Nay? She speaks primarily about Mind’s Eye Theater and gives a list of pros and cons for each side. What do you think good or bad?
  • The Western Front (Western Washington University’s official newspaper) has an article featuring a successful World of Darkness larp on campus titled, Western Students live in a World of Darkness”. Always nice to see colleges give support to larp groups.
  • Larp Ohio wants to keep you up to date on everything taking place in their neck of the woods in their post: The week in LARP.
  • MTV, of all places, posted a video of a pretty epic fail. One larper charges another and is completely flattened. Go watch it and laugh.
  • The Courrier Post has a very nice feature on a local larp group titled Lost in Fantasy: Role Players to Gather in Millville.
  • Lastly, we discovered a new larp blog titled The Larping Librarian. Her first post introduces herself and gives an overview of larp. Looks like promising stuff that you should follow!

That’s all for today. Got some news, info, pictures, or a story? Emails us! Photo courtesy of Fate Denied on Flickr.

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  1. Rachel June 27, 2012 Subscriber

    On having multiple characters in a game:

    I’ve personally seen how difficult it can be to avoid metagaming when playing multiple PCs in the same game. Even good, honest players can be put in an awkward position of trying to separate what one character knows from what another character knows and what the player knows. Players should be able to shelve or retire old PCs without having them die, but a good policy is one active PC per player. Any gaps created by this policy can always be filled in with NPCs (which can be parceled out to players – they get a chance to try out something new, a break from their regular PC, and a way to help out the storytelling staff).

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