Avegost - Photos of A Full Immersion Larp in Georgia


Avegost is a full immersion, medieval combat larp in Waycross, Georgia. They pride themselves on having the highest immersion (meaning that no anachronisms are allowed; everything looks and feels as though you’ve landed in the middle ages) and being one of the most affordable larps in Georgia. They don’t consider themselves just a game, but also a sport, a historical reenactment, and a fictional story all rolled into one.

Avegost table settings
Golden Goblets, anyone?

What separates Avegost from other larps is their dedication to being medieval enthusiasts, as you’ll see when looking through the photo gallery below. They take pride in their costumes, period tents, and even the table settings.

While not everyone is into hardcore medieval reenactment, I think Avegost is setting a new standard in larp excellence in America. Everything from their friendly and welcoming attitude to their commitment to high-quality costumes and period camping equipment is to be applauded.


For more on Avegost:

This week on Larping.org we’ll be covering Avegost in several posts including a documentary and an interview with their founder Joe Landolfi.

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  1. Kevin Robinson May 14, 2013 Subscriber

    I keep looking/ hearing about Avegost. It is actually a motivator to travel for me. Being in Cali is difficult when you hear all the bigger Larp events are near the middle north of the country. One day I will find myself there! >.<

  2. andy rimmer May 14, 2013 Subscriber

    It looks cool, much like the standard of most UK and European LRP, nice kit guys- come to Empire LRP , you’d fit right in.
    Check out Profound Decisions and Empire (or if you fancy a change, their other system Odysey, is a Sword and Sandals inspired game set in a mythical version of the ancient world).
    I realise the travel is horrendous, but if you planned it right you could get in Empire here in the UK then Conquest of Mythodea over in Germany. 2 weeks of incredible immersive roleplay.

  3. Larp Girl June 3, 2013 Subscriber

    Did anyone know that LARP Girl took all of these lovely photos at Avegost. <3

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  7. Twilley July 24, 2013 Subscriber

    I am very very proud of both Avegost and Larping.org recently!

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