Larp Roundup for the week of 1/24/14!

Note: This was supposed to go out last week. Sorry it’s late!

There’s lots and lots going on in the world of larp every week. Our goal is to roundup the best of it and give it to you in one giant serving. Each week we’ll be putting together the best posts, art and news stories all about larp that we can find. If you’ve got something that you think should be included (could be anything from great photos, a cool story or highlighting an upcoming larp) either tell us in the comments, or email me:

Now, here’s the best stories from around the web:

Knights of Badassdom is out! Have you seen it?

PeterDinklage Knights of Badassdom

The larp movie that never would be is finally out in theaters! Have you seen it? What did you think?

Star Trek Larp in Croatia


Our friend Ivan Zalac covered a Star Trek Larp that took place recently in Croatia on his blog Crolarper. Here’s a bit about the game from Ivan:

Seven players were interested in playing – which meant one more than the game was written for. The seventh character was quickly improvised as “the counselor”, monitoring the mental well-being of the crew. Players were a mix of regular clubmembers and more experienced role-players. A lot of them were wearing uniforms – one even got her uniform made on such a short notice. There were a few props around that were used – namely, a plush tribble and a cell phone with Star Trek sound effects that acted as a tricorder that the group managed to get working… In their version of the twist ending, what happened was not a reality – and characters were a subject of a Vulcan mind experiment.

Any other great Star Trek larps out there?

The one time when we burned down the barn …


Conquest of Mythodea’s barn burned down! Here’s a summary of what happened,

For all those in which the rumor mill has remained cold: In the night of 29 on 30 December has burnt down a barn in Brokeloh. There was no one injured but the damage is considerable. A total of 200 firefighters were on duty and had to put a tube down to the lake to meet the flame lord.

It was precisely THE barn where we have stored the scenes for years, but by a lucky chance we had decided after the last CQ to hire only the basement of the barn and the rest of the scenes under noted otherwise.

The blog is in German so please excuse the grammar (blame Google Translate). But, it looks like most of the gear was stored in the basement and was not damaged. Good luck to the Mythodea guys on getting everything cleaned up.

Interview with Fabian Geuss; the man behind the plot of Conquest of Mythodea


Live Adventure puts on the largest larp in the world known as Conquest. Their latest campaign, “Conquest of Mythodea” wrapped up this summer and the head of their writing team Fabian Geuss sat down with Part Time Hero, a German based Roleplaying website, to talk about Conquest and the future of Mythodea. This is a fun read for any fans of the large, festival style roleplaying game and any seasoned campaign GMs looking to keep things fresh. Read the full article on Part Time Hero.

I love this genre

Steampunk Comic
From Hat-tip: Steampunk Empire

User Zebulon Vitruvius Pike, adds this anecdote to this comic, “The quote is a paraphrase of Daniel Boone but the scene is from the otherwise forgettable film “Jonah Hex.” So, why is it that weird west movies suck so bad? “Jonah Hex” was pretty awful. “Wild Wild West” also failed on many levels. “Cowboys and Aliens” was only really successful when it was being a western. When the aliens were on screen, the entire movie suffered.”

[headline_box text=”LarpForge Character 101 – What makes the essence of a character?”]

In this episode of LarpForge the LazyLarper talks about how to make a character and what to think about when creating a character. What is the essence of character creation? What makes up the character?  And who is he/she?

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  1. nic February 12, 2014 Subscriber

    I like the movie knights of badassom. Although it was delayed a while and the ending is not what the director wanted it is still worth a look. Im new to the larp thing have yet to try it but sounds fun. Guess I am a noob at this cant wait to go watch one.

  2. Jasryn Baron Von Bladmere February 27, 2014 Subscriber

    No I haven’t yet seen it, m’lord. Is it out on DVD?

    • Jordan February 27, 2014 Administrator

      It’s not, but you can get it on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

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