We're opening a larp shop!

Over the course of the last year we have noticed that there is a deep need for high quality, but reasonably priced larp gear. We have had many conversations, emails, Facebook messages, and even a few blog posts about the need for good larp weapons, armor, masks, make-up and other gear. Our goal has always been to connect the larpers to one another. Now we have the opportunity to connect larpers with the best larp gear. So, we’ve decided to open a larp shop!

The Larp Shop Opens Friday!

Check back all week for updates and highlights on the products that we’ll be debuting on Friday.

We’ve partnered with the guys who make Epic Armoury, Ready for Battle, Epic Effect, and Dark Moon: Iron Fortress. Why Iron Fortress? Because the production value for their material is unmatched anywhere. Check out this video to see what we’re talking about:

Epic Armoury brought to you by Iron Fortress

larp shop

As you can see their equipment is incredible. Their products are used in larps all around the world! Here’s more info about their products from their website:

Epic Armoury is a LARP brand, based in Denmark. We make props and products for action packed live role-play adventures, for any country or any universe.Epic Armoury products are designed and manufactured with strong focus on coolness, functionality and of course safety.

We aim to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, our products are unique in design and idea, you will be hard pressed to find this sort of selection anywhere else. Our products cover many different themes and styles, like; foam weaponry, metal armour, leather items, camp gear and a unique selection of character accessories such as prosthetics, Make-Up specially designed for LARP, belt, bags and lots more.

The Epic Armoury product range is designed for the experienced player with high focus on quality, durability and comfort. If you’re serious about your LARP gear the Epic Armoury range is designed and built just for you.

The Ready For battle product range offers both basic products for the young or the new beginner shopping for their first set of equipment, a great place to start if you are new to LARP.

Our Dark Moon products are intended for modern, future and post apocalyptic LARPs. The future is bleak, hopeless and dark. To survive in this world you will need to be on your guard and have your weapons ready. The range of products are varied and you will find all you need to make sure you have the upper hand.
Choose your weapon and join the fight to survive.

The Epic Effect range is Make-Up and prosthetics designed especially for LARP. The water based colours provides a durable, full coverage makeup, and combined with setting spray creates a unique staying power. The prosthetics are created in various designs and sizes so finding the correct fit is possible for all.

Our brands are based on a love of the hobby. We are proud to have a team of people that love what they do by designing, creating and improving our products to share with other players around the world.

Epic Armoury is made by role-players for role-players.

The Shop Opens on Friday!

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  1. LazyLarper November 6, 2012 Subscriber

    Can only recommend the works of Anders Lerche. That dude makes some awesome mask’s and prostheses. 😀

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