LeatherStorm Molded NERF Zombie Hammershot Holster




This Holster is specifically molded to the Nerf Zombie Hammershot Gun. It is designed to be compact and light, and sits directly on your belt, (rather than hanging from it). Made from high quality leather and molded by hand, each holster will be unique. If you are wanting a set of these, it’s best to order them at the same time. This ensures the molding and dye colors will match.

Explanation of Options:

Right Hand – Same Side Draw:
The holster will be made with the belt loop attached straight up and down, allowing the holster and gun to sit vertical on your belt. This allows the holster to be worn on the same side as your draw hand. Meaning, if you are Right handed, the holster will sit on your right hand with the butt of the gun pointed backwards.

Left Hand – Same Side Draw:
Same as above but for your left side, left hand draw.

Right Hand – Cross Draw:
The holster will be made with the belt loop attached at a slight angle, allowing the holster and gun to sit angled towards your draw hand. As a “Cross Draw” holster, it will now sit on the hip opposite from your draw hand. I.E, if you’re right handed, the holster will be on your left hip, with the butt of the gun pointed towards the front. You would draw the gun from left to right.

Left Hand – Cross Draw:
Same as above but as a Cross Draw Holster, on your right hip, for a Left hand draw.
The belt loop will accommodate up to a 3″ belt and the holster comes with a leather safety strap that snaps over the gun grip and locks the gun into the holster.
This piece will look amazing with your costume / character gear, and is fully functioning! Perfect for Cosplay, Larping or general costume fun.


If you’re looking for a simple way to carry your NERF Bullets, see my separate listing for the LeatherStorm NERF Ammo Pouch, which can be made to match this holster!


NOTE: This listing is for one Holster only. **NERF Gun Not Included**


This Item is 100% Handmade! It’s cut from Natural Veg-Tanned Leather, hand dyed, stitched and assembled by me, using only high quality products! The edges are sealed and gummed smooth for a rounded finish, and the finished leather is buffed and polished to perfection!

It is designed to fit in any genre, be it Fantasy, Medieval, Wizardry, LARPing, Roleplaying, Ren-Faire’s, Cosplay or Steampunk.


As all of my leather goods are handmade with organic materials, there will be slight variations in build and leather surface, and from one item to another. Leather will also conform and soften over time. This is normal.

Be advised that Leather is strong, but will not withstand excessive force. Exercise caution when using these items.
Thank you very much for shopping at LeatherStorm. I greatly appreciate your business!раскрутка сайтапродвижение сайтапродвижениекак взломать пароль в одноклассникахiphone 5 бамперкредиты малому бизнесу рейтингbest online casinocheap escorts dubaicasino oyna bedavaMsn uk gamesмаршрут мачаме схемаперсональный тренер по боксу

Additional information

Draw Side

Right Hand Draw, Left Hand Draw

Draw Style

Same Side Draw, Cross Draw


Black, Brown, Red, Maroon, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Purple


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