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Larp Warrior
Free shipping can’t be beat!

You may have recently noticed our inclusion of Larp Shops on the blog and in the header above. That’s because we want you to have nice things! Some people have the time and creative bent to make their gear, others of us, have to buy it. And sometimes there’s that specialty item you just have to have. One thing we realized is that not much is known about the fine folks who create and distribute equipment. We want to help you get to know them. Therefore, we will occasionally highlight a shop for a week. This week the shop is Larp Warrior. Below is a bit about their shop. Make sure to check them out and support their business.


On the surface, LarpWarrior is an online LARP store that sells battle proven gear and offers free shipping. But our hope is to grow beyond simply being an e-commerce website. The men behind the masks (pun intended) have a passion for all things LARP and truly enjoy the interactions with the LARPing community as they scour the web for gear that will enhance his/her persona. This leads to a store that offers great customer service and a genuine interest in building a relationship with the buyer.

One way that we’ll do this is by enhancing our social media presence through our own blogs, a Facebook page, and Twitter. In fact, we have just posted our first blog titled “Ask Elias, the Larp Warrior” where we’ve enlisted the help of a highly experienced LARPer who is extremely knowledgable in the areas of LARP gear and fighting techniques. Elias has been a LARPer and SCA fighter for better than 12 years. He will also start writing product reviews that will be attached to the item’s page. This should help a LARPer select the appropriate weapon or other piece of gear for his/her character. A second upcoming blog will be called “Women of LARP” which offers a female’s perspective on the LARPing community. It will be an entertaining read and include articles such as advice on ways to find costuming that is cheap, functional and cute (her words, not mine).

We have also created a “Guild Purchase Program” for LARP groups to pool their resources and buy gear at a discounted price. Each group would also have the option of customizing the program to their needs. An example of a customized program could be earning a “cash back bonus” that goes into the community pot to buy miscellaneous items needed for an upcoming LARP event. The more gear bought individually through our site, the more it benefits the group as a whole and enhances their events. Lastly, we will have a fun contest from time to time such as our “Caption Contest” which is currently underway this month. The details of this contest can be retrieved by clicking “NEWS!” on the frontage of our website.

We offer a myriad of LARP weapons and other related items. But our personal selections are the items designed with a fantasy theme in mind. A perfect example is the Bladesinger sword. The following is a sneak peek of Elias’s first product review:

larp sword
Bladesinger Long Sword

“The Bladesinger is my “go to” bastard sword. The long hilt and minimalist finger guard allows for some impressive flourishes. And the sword’s balance is a cross between a katana and a shamshir. It’s got a lot of foam forward of the core, so while not stab safe, it’s not dangerous. But I still do not suggest using the LARP sword in that manner. The Bladesinger is tough, and I know tough, as I’ve put about 300 hours of fighting on mine. Even though the sword is on it’s second skin of latex, it has yet to fail a safety inspection. I really suggest this sword as an on-hand weapon for a dual-wielder as you can take advantage of a low hilt grip to buy yourself almost another foot of length. The downside, however, is that it’s really not a good partner for a shield. The grip is long so overshield attacks will frequently bump your top shield and skew your aim. Overall, the Bladesinger rates four out of five corpses on the scale, and I gotta say, it’s damn pretty too.

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  1. Phil May 4, 2012 Subscriber

    For those interested, we just posted the first installment of our new blog called “Women of LARP”. It’s well-written and very unique. Please pass along to anyone interested.

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