LARP Weekly Roundup 2/26

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Howdy internet denizens who are fond of LARPing, today we bring you the first installment of the Weekly Roundup. This is where we show you all the incredible things that we have discovered or have had sent our way over the course of a week. We will be digging high and low, visiting every seedy internet pub and dark forum to find the best in eye-boggling loot you’ve ever set your eyes upon. We’ll package it all up neat and tidy and deliver it to you every Friday.

Ultimately, however, we want this weekly segment to be about you, the larping community. Having a great discussion over on your larp blog? Send it to us! Have some sweet pictures of your last outing? Email them to us! Anything LARP related is fair game. In the comments tell us how we can make this better. Got something for next week? Emails us:

  • Tara Clapper blogs over on about “Three signs you’re a LARP queen“. She gives an interesting perspective about other women dominating a LARP.
  • has a great article about summer camps that feature various forms of LARPing. Camps feature everything from Fantasy, to Zombie Apocalypse, to Paranormal Investigation. These camps are popping up on both sides of the US and are really interesting.
  • Derek (aka @DrLarp) continues writing incredible posts about Mind’s Eye Theater games. This week he’s tackling Why Start a Larp. If you’ve been considering starting a game of your own this is a great post to get you motivated!
  • Mickey and Bill over at Larpcast have released another podcast about treasure! Who doesn’t like treasure?
  • Ever thought, “This larp is just not big enough. I want to battle with thousands of people!” Well, then get ready because there is a Tolkien Themed Amusement Park in the works. You’ll just have to but a plane ticket to Poland in order to attend The Country of Ancestors. Start saving your gold.
  • brings in the report from Dreamnation an annual LARP-fest in Morristown, New Jersey.@larpexchange says they were there and it was a blast!
  • Several Zombie LARPs have popped up in recent months. As well as a Zombie 5k (which has events across the US) and who doesn’t want to run for fun while being chased by blood thirsty zombies? However, this game in the UK 2.8 Hours Later looks incredible and has an awesome intro video:

Photo courtesy of Ranh on Flickr

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  1. Tara M. Clapper March 3, 2012 Subscriber

    Thanks for the mention/link to my article. You rock!

    • Larping Jordan March 3, 2012 Subscriber

      You’re totally welcome! Thanks for writing a larp blog. Any way we can spread the larp love around, we’re all about it!

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