LARP Weekly Roundup 3/16/12

These guys guard the news.

Howdy internet denizens who are fond of LARPing, today we bring you the Weekly Roundup. This is where we show you all the incredible things that we have discovered or have had sent our way over the course of a week. We will be digging high and low, visiting every seedy internet pub and dark forum to find the best in eye-boggling loot you’ve ever set your eyes upon. We’ll package it all up neat and tidy and deliver it to you every Friday.

Ultimately, however, we want this weekly segment to be about you, the larping community. Having a great discussion over on your LARP blog? Send it to us! Have some sweet pictures of your last outing? Email them to us! Anything LARP related is fair game. In the comments tell us how we can make this better. Got something for next week? Emails us:

  • First up this week is an article titled, “LARPing aids imagination, excercise” from The Tower Light, the student newspaper at Towson University.
  • Russ Kale writes a plea to gamers everywhere, ‘Why You Should Larp, Just This One Time‘. If you’ve been on the fence about jumping into a LARP, definitely read this.
  • The Chicago Public Library is holding Live Action Hunger Games. Not exactly larping, per se, but close enough to warrant a mention as it’s the first I’ve heard of a government run organization putting on anything LARP related.
  • Humber College’s newspaper, the Humber Et Cetera, tells the story of the Toronto Amtgard chapter coming out to give a demonstration to students and the school’s RPG Club. Nice to see LARP becoming more and more popular on school campuses.
  • Next up we’ve got a great post from on entitlement. It’s a good reflection on the communal aspects of larp and encourages players to be selfless.
  • Last of all, we’ve got the most intense larping you’ve ever seen. You’re eyes are not deceiving you, they are using real weapons. And people get hurt, bad.

Photo courtesy of Kamerakata on Flickr.

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