LARP Weekly Roundup 3/30/2012


Larpers, gamers and fellow roleplayers of the world, welcome to the Weekly roundup of all things live action role play related. Larp news can sometimes be few and far between, so we’ve dug high and low, often into the grimiest recesses of the internet’s wild imagination to pull out the most savory gems of larp goodness for your eager minds.

This news roundup is intended to be all about what’s happening in the Live Action Role Playing world. Therefore, we want as much of this weekly segment to be about the things you’re doing, creating and making waves in larp culture and in your circles across the globe. Is your university starting a larp club? Send us the info and we’ll cover it. Got a unique event taking place for your larp group? Let us tell the story. Got the best homemade costume of all time? Send us a picture and be judged by the masses. Whatever your larp story or news is we want to feature you. Yes, you. Email to submit your news, story, picture or blog post to the weekly roundup.

First things first this week, shameless plug for our own news. We’re getting a brand new website! In the next few months will undergo a metamorphosis from this ugly grey behemoth into a beautiful grown up website with tons of features and a really great facelift. But, we can’t show you that yet. Instead, we’d like to show you something better. Our new logo! But, you’ll have to check out on Facebook in order to see it. Our Facebook page has been neglected and needs some love. Give us a like and let us know what you think of our logo.

  • Collabnarration has a blog post about getting started and staying safe during a boffer larp. This post comes from a real heart to see people succeed and have fun over the long run. Lots of good nuggets of wisdom for the new larper and the grizzled veterans alike.
  • If you’re in the Northeast United States, check out this Kickstarter campaign for The Dragons Return. They’re trying to put together a weekend larp you’ll never forget.
  • Channel 10 News in Terre Haute, Indiana did a feature on Dragon Spire. Describing the LARP’s culture the article states, “When you think of Live Action Role Playing, or LARP, you picture a group of individuals, garbed in medieval outfits, toting large, foam-padded weapons, simulating swords fight, and imaginative happenings.However, what appears to be groups of people living out fantastical battles is just part of the show. What you don’t see is the family-like adhesion of the group. It’s not just a group of friends hanging out, doing what love, but an extended family enjoying their new favorite past-time.” Find the full article here and check out the video below:
  • Larpcast has a post about how to build a character background for a larp character. This is something that is the basis for nearly every table-top RPG, but is often overlooked when creating a larp character.
  • Kingdom-Con has published the details to their larp that will take place during the con. The game runs on Friday and Saturday evenings and is a World of Darkness game that should be a real good time.
  • Lastly, but not leastly, the Dr is in the house (Dr Larp that is) with some words of wisdom on implementing a favor based system to your game. It’s a really interesting concept that can liven up your game, increase player connectivity and create some juicy conflict.

Got news of your own? Think there is something that we missed? Got a great event to promote or interesting story over on your blog? Let us know. Email We’ll look it over, reply to your email and most likely feature it in next week’s Weekly Roundup.

Photo courtesy of Mark_Ovaska on Flickr.

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