LARP Weekly Roundup 3/9/12

This is THE NEWS!

Howdy internet denizens who are fond of LARPing, today we bring you the Weekly Roundup. This is where we show you all the incredible things that we have discovered or have had sent our way over the course of a week. We will be digging high and low, visiting every seedy internet pub and dark forum to find the best in eye-boggling loot you’ve ever set your eyes upon. We’ll package it all up neat and tidy and deliver it to you every Friday.

Ultimately, however, we want this weekly segment to be about you, the larping community. Having a great discussion over on your larp blog? Send it to us! Have some sweet pictures of your last outing? Email them to us! Anything LARP related is fair game. In the comments tell us how we can make this better. Got something for next week? Emails us:

  • Kicking things off this week is a post from MA Brotherton who gives a review of the work so far from Larpers, whom we have featured, titled “Finally, A Culture Worth Mocking“. The post included another test clip from their filming. Enjoy:

  • Next up Angelique Toschi, announces the 2012 programming for the Third Annual Wyrd Con Interactive Theater Convention.
  • Technabob shows of some Skyrim Larp armor that’s not stopping any arrows to the knee
  • The Online Gamer: Larp in the Park features some larpers getting pwned by a COD fanboy wielding an air-soft gun. Video below for your viewing pleasure.

  • Zeddy over at put together a list of larp links and featured us! Go check out what they’re doing, they’ve got a team of writers blogging some cool stuff.
  • Karin over at LARP Ohio blogs writes on ‘Why “Competition” is Good’. It’s a great conversation starter on beginning new LARPs, which we hope will happen a lot more!
  • BonGookKumBop, a user over on The Escapist, posted a review on Unicorn City. It’s nice to read a review from somoeone who has actually seen the film. He gives it a fair treatment.
  • The Universal Larp Association has a good write up on Boffer larps.

Photo courtesy of Pumpelche on Flickr.

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