LARP Weekly Roundup 3/23/12

Larp Orcs
Orcs, they’re doing it right.

Friends, comrades and casual browsers of the web, welcome to the March 23rd, 2012 edition of the LARP Weekly Roundup. This part of the show is where we bring you all of the very best in LARP videos, blogs, discussions and occasionally a bit of news straight to your doorstep. We have looked high and low, dug in the deepest trenches and crawled every seedy internet dungeon we could find to bring you these news bits.

Got news of your own? Think there is something that we missed? Got a great event to promote or interesting story over on your blog? Let us know. Email We’ll look it over, reply to your email and most likely feature it in next week’s Weekly Roundup.

    • LARP Ohio has a discussion on luck being used in a game. The ramifications of adding a luck modifier, while challenging, does present some interesting opportunities for players.
Zombie Larp


  • If you’re in the UK check out this article from Venture Beat on a Zombie Apocalypse Larp held in a mall. The company behind the events, has been putting events on like this for 20 years and they look incredible. Maybe they will jump the pond and host an event in the states some day.




  • Harbinger of Doom posted a blog titled, “LARP Thought Experiment: Next-Gen Games” where he thinks out loud on what LARP might become and some of the changes he can potentially see coming the future. He summarizes his thoughts with this, “I would staunchly resist the ending of the current generation of LARPs. Even if a new kind of game were to open, I would still want the precisely-calibrated blend of combat, puzzles, and unscripted in-character interaction that the current generation of games offers, wrapped in a package weighted toward simulationism more than gamism or narrativism.. It’s possible that games could reap benefits from modeling committee structure more completely on an indie studio, but that’s my day job – that’s a lot of people’s day jobs – and running a game needs to be fun too, unless you can somehow turn it into a paid position.” Hop over to his blog and leave your thoughts.







  • Lastly, you must see this dragon from a larp summer camp near Philadelphia. The video is a few years old, and isn’t that high of quality, but it’s got the only believable dragon in a LARP I’ve ever seen. That’s right, a damn dragon. And battling a dragon at summer camp beats just about anything else.


And that’s it! Kind of a short post for this week, but not a lot going on. Chime in on the comments. Would you have liked to battle a dragon at summer camp?

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