LARP Weekly Roundup 5/4/12

larp battle
Battle in the rain

Happy Friday everyone! I hope it finds you well. Actually, I hope it finds you excitingly anticipating an action filled weekend of Larping bliss. In fact, I hope that you don’t even get to read this until Monday when you sleepily check the internet for the first time after being lost in a world of fantasy, intrigue and hopefully some exciting action. If you’re un-lucky enough to not be larping this weekend I hope this post satisfies your appetite for all things good in the larp world. We’ve got some juicy stuff. So enjoy.

This news roundup is intended to be all about what’s happening in the Live Action Role Playing world. Therefore, we want as much of this weekly segment to be about the things you’re doing, creating and making waves in larp culture and in your circles across the globe. Is your university starting a larp club? Send us the info and we’ll cover it. Got a unique event taking place for your larp group? Let us tell the story. Got the best homemade costume of all time? Send us a picture and be judged by the masses. Whatever your larp story or news is we want to feature you. Yes, you. Email to submit your news, story, picture or blog post to the weekly roundup.


    • The Daily Texan, the University at Austin’s newspaper, has an article titled: “Live Action Role Play Enthusiasts Prepare for Upcoming Battle. It’s an article that does justice to larping while introducing the students at the university to the hobby. Overall it’s a really nice introduction to larp and to the people who play in the Austin Chapter of Heroic Interactive Theater.


    • The Kenora Daily Miner and News featured an article on the local larp group titled “Evergreen becomes medieval battlefield for Live Action Role Play. This is another intro article from a local newspaper featuring a larp group. It’s really encouraging to see the media continue to give groups a fair shot and a neutral voice to their game.



    • Lizzie Stark has finally reached the day that her book Leaving Mundania has been released! Big, big big congrats to her on her achievement and the giving larpers a good name everywhere (even the BBC). Hopefully we can snag a copy of her book soon and give you all a review.


    • Craven games has a review of The Wild Hunt a movie about larping. It’s a very dark movie that I’ve seen and been meaning to write a review of it’s contents. Craven Games does a pretty good job.


    • John Ray has a killer post detailing his adventures at a REDACTED larp. What’s really great about his post is that he details the questing and adventures really well. It makes larp sound like the fun and adventure that it is. Props to him for being able to bring the larp world to written word so well.


    • Anna over on Gaming as Women details her worst ever larp experience. Sounds straight awful. As a community can we vow to never put on a larp as terrible and thoughtless as this?


  • Lastly, I bring you the very first, ever, of all time (as far as I know) video of larping, wait for it, IN 3D! However, someone will have to confirm it’s level of awesomeness because I don’t have 3D glasses…
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  1. Kathryn May 7, 2012 Subscriber

    Hi Jordan. I work for Lizzie Stark’s publisher. Send me an email with your address, and I’ll see about sending a review copy your way. ktumen (at) ipgbook (dot) com.

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