LARP Weekly Roundup 5/25/12

larp death
Remember your fallen comrades this weekend

As you might have noticed the Weekly Roundup was missing in action last week. We were deeply entrenched in some things that kept us away from writing blogs (silly real life..) and we’re terribly sorry for that. So, instead, you get a double dose this week. Twice the juicy and delicious news. You’ll quickly notice that Lizzie Stark’s book is everywhere. You should then know that you should go buy a copy. She kindly sent us a copy (yay!) and we’re working on getting a review for you of our own! In the mean time you’ll have to read reviews by everyone else. Have a great weekend everybody!

  • kicks us off this week with a review of Lizzie Stark’s “Larp Book Leaving Mundania followed up by an interview with the author.
  • Wired continues their larp articles with a post on “LARP” becoming a real word. Something we’ve known for a while, but still cool to see coming to the forefront.
  • Lizzie Stark has a new article up titled Leaving the Larp Closet. She’s got three easy steps, from her panelists, on how to bring your “larp-life” and your “real-life” into the same spheres.
  • Collabnarration continues their review of Lizzie Stark’s novel focusing on chapters 2 & 3.
  • continues the Lizzie Stark “Leaving Mundania Pandemonium (which we think is fantastic by the way…) and has a review to feast your eyes upon!
  • Michelle Reznik has another delicious post on titled “The George R. R. Martin Effect which she defines as “When you want to see each character grow and develop but you can’t be in three places at once; there aren’t enough games in a year, or (in George’s case) there aren’t enough pages in a book.” It’s an interesting read.
  • The Miami County Republic has an interesting story of a proposed Live Action Role Play Camp. Titled Camp Possum it will provide “adventure camping for a wide variety of people, including interactive theater clubs, youth groups, retreats and individuals”. Sounds awesome if you ask us.
  • The Dr. is back in the house! DRLarp has a post titled, “What LARPers Can Learn From Improv. Go read it and get your roleplaying learn on.
  • The National Post has a series of Epic Larp Photos on display from an event held by Underworld Larp. They are gorgeous, high-definition images that more groups should definitely take.
  • L.A.R.P The Crow Blade Chronicles looks to be another up and coming fictional, television production. It seems to be a pretty straightforward attempt at depreciating larpers for humor. And in my opinion a bit too depreciating. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself:

This news roundup is intended to be all about what’s happening in the Live Action Role Playing world. Therefore, we want as much of this weekly segment to be about the things you’re doing, creating and making waves in larp culture and in your circles across the globe. Is your university starting a larp club? Send us the info and we’ll cover it. Got a unique event taking place for your larp group? Let us tell the story. Got the best homemade costume of all time? Send us a picture and be judged by the masses. Whatever your larp story or news is we want to feature you. Yes, you. Email to submit your news, story, picture or blog post to the weekly roundup.

Photo courtesy of Bifford on Flickr.

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