LARP Weekly Roundup 6/1/12

Larp in the Park

Happy Friday everyone! It’s June, 1st and that means that this weekend larp season is on full blast! I hope that your weekend will find you battling demon hordes, setting up plots of intrigue in the city, or having an epic boffer battle in your local park this weekend. If not please enjoy this fine selection of larp related news.

  • Larp Ohio has posted, “Remembering Characters where Karin reflects on Memorial Day and how we remember characters in our larps that have fallen.
  • Lizzie Stark continues her streak of touting all that is good in larp from her book Leaving Mundania and this time she’s featured on The Brian Lehrer Show. The Audio is below:
  • Sarah Nicklin has gone larping for the first time and wrote about it in her post My First Larp.
  • Next, we’ve present to you the first ever (as far as we know) play about Larping. Bea Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable is a play that pits “Arthurian knights in a battle of the sexes against an equally legendary fellowship: The Golden Girls.” Sounds interesting at the least…Here’s a clip from the director. Thanks to @Cleo_Gray for the story.
  • Lastly, we’ve got another trailer from Justin Calderone for his forthcoming book The Battle for Verona. Check out the trailer and look forward to the second larp book of 2012 to come out this summer!

That’s all for this week folks! This news roundup is intended to be all about what’s happening in the Live Action Role Playing world. Therefore, we want as much of this weekly segment to be about the things you’re doing, creating and making waves in larp culture and in your circles across the globe. Is your university starting a larp club? Send us the info and we’ll cover it. Got a unique event taking place for your larp group? Let us tell the story. Got the best homemade costume of all time? Send us a picture and be judged by the masses. Whatever your larp story or news is we want to feature you. Yes, you. Email to submit your news, story, picture or blog post to the weekly roundup.

Photo Courtesy of Fredcamino on Flickr.

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