Larp Weekly Roundup 8/10/13

lord of the rings larp


The Larp Weekly Roundup  is back!  Every Saturday we’ll be bringing you the best in what’s going down with larp the past week here on and around the net. If you’d like something featured next week shoot us an email: and we’ll get it in the hopper!

As some of you will know the weekly roundup has been around before. It was retired for quite some time because we wanted to turn all these little snippets into whole blog posts. Normally, in this column we’ll just cover what happened in the previous week. But, since the column has been gone for so long, we decided to give you a BUNCH of stuff to keep you busy and get you caught up! So, without further ado, the roundup:

  • We were featured on Kotaku again! This time, the fine folks at Kotaku covered our Battle for Middle Earth larp (and the corresponding incredible photos — pictured above) in a piece titled, “Mad Europeans Re-Enact Lord of The Rings Battles in Full Armor“. By “mad” they mean a lot. Not crazy. It’s always nice to see the light shed on larp in the larger geek world!
  • The lovely Adina gives us the wrap on her experiences with two larps she went to recently, Devil to Pay and The Prince Comes of Age in a post titled “The Devil Came of Age“. Clever, right?  Both of these larps are “theater” style. Adina gives her perspective on these smaller parlour larps. The article is a great read and might give some of our readers some inspiration to run a smaller “one off” or “parlour game” of your own.
  • Shoshana covered Metagaming here on in her post “When is it not unfair?” Always a tough subject to tackle, hop on over to the article to chime in on your take on Metagaming.
  • Cosplay being friendly with larp? Say WHAT!? That’s right, these to geeky hobbies are not mortal enemies. Ben Dieck interviews Jesse Lagers in his article “Costumes and Cameras: An Interview With ‘Heroes of Cosplay”.
  • Each week we like to showcase a larp from around the world in our ongoing series “Friday Featured Larp”. This week Kiri brought us the lowdown on Seventh Kingdom IGE in New Jersey, USA. Here’s a gallery with some of great shots of this crew in action.
  • Lastly, Conquest of Mythodea was this past week and we will have lots more coverage in the days to come, but until then, feast your eyes on over 10 minutes of amazing footage from the event. My favorite chunk of footage is during the ritual that is being performed. From what I can tell someone has a microphone embedded in their costume and is thundering their voice out over the crowd. When their finished, everyone falls down as if they are being blasted down by the force of the ritual. It’s epic. Don’t take my word for it. Check this out:

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