Larp Weekly Roundup: Last one Forever!

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Roundup is gone, news stays. It’s ok, don’t cry.

We’re excited to announce that this is the last Weekly Roundup, in it’s current form, that we will ever have! What will be happening to your juicy, delicious and all-together fulfilling larp news that you’ve come to know and love? Well, instead of giving it to you once a week, we’re going to be bringing it to you once a day! That’s right, larp news, interviews, videos and awesome stories will be brought to your digital front door every day (well at least Monday through Friday, weekends are bonus). “But, wait!” You think to yourself, “How will I know when to check for the new blog posts!?” Well, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered because we’re on all your favorite social media outlets and here they are:

Did you subscribe? Yes, ok onto the roundup!

  • First up, Buskador has a post on a Simple Way to make a Larp Weapon Counterweight. Lots of great posts on making Larp Weapons on Buskador’s blog.
  • Sociology for Nerds has posted about larping in their post “Larping the Lens of Dramaturgy. Sound confusing? It’s not. Dramaturgy is a theatrical term used to describe the study of plays and other theatrical works. Go read Dianna’s post for the full scoop on how you can use it to make better larps.
  • has the latest news on the South Park Larp RPG “The Stick of Truth”. Yes, you read that right. A South Park RPG is being released in March 2013 that follows the characters on a town wide larp. It’s gross, it’s outrageous, it’s larp, but it’s all South Park. See the video below:
  • Good news for Mind’s Eye Society fans awaiting news on the upcoming MMO “World of Darkness”. There’s an Open Letter from the creators stating that the game is still in production, it’s just a little bit pushed back due to financial issues. Basically, go out and buy DUST 514 to ensure it’s produced! Editor’s note: Thanks to user Orange for pointing out our error: the game is called World of Darkness, not Mind’s Eye Society. We apologize.
  • Digital Journal has more news on the upcoming Realm of Larp web series from the Nerdist Youtube Channel. Apparently, it’s a reality series based around a group of larpers from a particular game. This changes things a bit from the laugh riot we thought it was going to be.
  • Lastly, Kevin Avery is obsessed with Larping. In his adventures at Wyrd Con he is transformed into Tyronius (Tyrone for short) and hilarity, sort of, ensues. Check out the video:

And like all good things the Weekly Roundup has come to an end for good. There will still be tons of awesome larp news and info on it will just come more often and spread out. This may make some of you sad, but do not fret. Instead, grab our RSS and enjoy the goodness each day. As always submit larp news to

Photo courtesy of 27 Reality on Flickr.

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  1. Orange June 18, 2012 Subscriber

    The game isnt called Mind’s Eye Society- thats the name of a networked Larp group (Like Nero, One World By NIGHT, etc). the game is called ‘World of Darkness’, its based off of VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE (and other materials in the genre…) and this news is very, very old… : /

    • Jordan June 19, 2012 Administrator

      Orange, thanks for the clarification on the name of the game. We’ve updated the post. Also, please note the news isn’t that the game itself, we realize it’s been in production for some time, but that there is an open letter from the producers on the status of the game. That was released on June 6th.

      • Orange June 19, 2012 Subscriber

        Naw I know, what I am also saying is the status of the game has been known about for some time too. After the CCP house-cleaning back in November, things began to re-arrange quikly with the georgia headquarters for dev of the game moving to a diff city (and encountering some drama where it pertains to some grants they were given to move to said city and build their new digs) They have been hiring and doing pre-prod work in georgia for at-least 3 months with word being there is currently a team of 60+ on the job- and have released several instances of Concept art and production statements via various blogs and other letters. There’s a lot of us out here who have been watching these developments like hawks via facebook, the open developement blogs, and such. The more larp-related facet of that latter pertains more to the event in Atlanta coming up, than to the video game tho… Its their replacement for GM this year. Grand Masquerade is said to be something they will resume in 2013.

      • Jordan June 19, 2012 Administrator

        I think we should have you be our Mind’s Eye/World of Darkness correspondent. You’ve got your finger on the pulse of that end of the community much better than we currently do.

      • Orange June 19, 2012 Subscriber

        Im more in touch with OWBN to be honest (We just all know about the MES thing due to how badly those poor folks got shafted by CCP and there’s a lot of cross-pollonation between the organizations in terms of player-share so the news travels fast if its that big, that was kinda the big shaker in that letter more than anything else ‘Heres 14,000, we have charged you for everything we ever did for you without letting you know ahead of time- problem?’) But if you want I can shoot you guys some stuff : )

  2. Dianna Fielding June 20, 2012 Subscriber

    Hello! Thanks for linking to my blog. I’m glad to know people are getting a benefit out of my posts. 🙂

    • Jordan June 20, 2012 Administrator

      You’re very welcome. We quite enjoyed your post! If you have more on larping in the future, let us know!

      • Dianna Fielding June 20, 2012 Subscriber

        I definitely will! LARPing is so fascinating that I’m sure I’ll write more. 🙂

  3. Buskador June 21, 2012 Subscriber

    Well I did not expect to get featured so soon. Guess I’ll have to make more quality stuff soon.

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