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The Companions – Dagorhir Unit


The Companions is an Elder Scrolls themed Unit inside the sport of Dagorhir, with members located in

Location: 1202 Ardmore Drive, Lynchburg, VA, USAWebsite:

The Isles: Homeland


It has been 20 years since the new Hive Queen was discovered on the 9th World of the new Hardestaani

Location: Ye Old Commons, Northside Road, Charlton, MA, USAWebsite:

Dystopia Rising: Oklahoma


Welcome to the apocalypse!The undead have claimed the world, you can help take some of it back. Join

Location: Texoma Christian Camp, Texoma Christian Camp Road, Kingston, OK, USAWebsite:

The Outbound Hope Mission


THE YEAR IS 2219.After decades of blood and disaster, peace has finally settled over humanity. In

Location: Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum/ USS Edson, Martin Street, Bay City, MI, USAWebsite: http://www.outboundhope.comPhone: 1(607)302-2950

Dragonhold – A Freehold of Amtgard


Dragonhold is a Freehold of the Amtgard organization. Amtgard is combat fantasy LARP (Live Action

Location: MC Riley Sports Complex, Bluffton, SC, USAWebsite:

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