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The Isles: Homeland


It has been 20 years since the new Hive Queen was discovered on the 9th World of the new Hardestaani

Location: Ye Old Commons, Northside Road, Charlton, MA, USAWebsite:

The Outbound Hope Mission


THE YEAR IS 2219.After decades of blood and disaster, peace has finally settled over humanity. In

Location: Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum/ USS Edson, Martin Street, Bay City, MI, USAWebsite: http://www.outboundhope.comPhone: 1(607)302-2950

Invictus II


“One thousand years have passed since the Starling War, a war sprung for control of the Lapis Vitae:

Kessel 512


The Greater Boston LARP Society presents a Swedish blackbox larp set in the Star Wars Universe. Ten

Location: Balance at Urbanity Dance, 111, W Concord St, Boston, MA, USAWebsite:

ZERO HOUR: Ruins of River City


Currently a  work in progress, ZERO HOUR: Ruins of River City, is intended to be a Fallout inspired

Location: Jacksonville, FL, USAWebsite:

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