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New Caroline Regulators


The year is 1874 and the vast New Caroline Territory has been opened up by the US Government to new

Location: Cannot determine address at this location.Website:

Conflict of Ithea


The land of Ithea is no stranger to war. Conflict breaking out constantly is the norm for the realm,

Location: Trenton, South CarolinaWebsite:

Dragonhold – A Freehold of Amtgard


Dragonhold is a Freehold of the Amtgard organization. Amtgard is combat fantasy LARP (Live Action

Location: MC Riley Sports Complex, Bluffton, SC, USAWebsite:



Shadowmoor is a Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP) based in King’s Mountain, NC. We run monthly

Location: Fire Road, Blacksburg, SC 29702, USAWebsite: