Ex-Jock turned Larper: Jay on Athleticism

The crew, at Starbucks.

The crew that is putting together the new show “Larpers” has put together this hilarious clip of Jay, a quite cocky ex-jock, turned larper bragging about his skills and athletic prowess. Watch the video and then head over to the Larpers fundraising site. These guys are busting their butts, sacrificing their own blood, sweat, tears(probably of laughter) and money to get this project off the ground. Consider supporting them with a financial donation. All larps are user-supported and this project is no different. But, it’s not all about them! You get some awesome perks for helping them out. For instance, if you give $1000 your name will appear in the Executive Producers list. Which means you will be kind of a big deal and you might be part of something historic! That being said, we love the work these guys are doing and want to help support them any way we can. Enjoy the video and tell the cast and crew of Larpers what you think of their work in the comments.

Immersed in a world where knights still battle foes, witches still craft spells, and everyday people can still imagine, “LARPers” is a comedic foray into the world of Live Action Role-Playing. Observed from the outside perspective of a documentary crew, the show follows a handful of colorful characters in their not so day-to-day lives as they don homemade armor and venture forth on imaginary quests while still dealing with very real problems.

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