Larpers Script; Funnier With Each Line

Today we’ve got another update from the guys creating Larpers. As they note below, the fundraising is coming along well, but they still need help. Below is a quick note from Adam Johns and then a sneak peek at a scene directly from the script. This show looks funnier each time, I cannot wait to see the pilot episode. If you haven’t yet, help them reach their goal by donating today: Drop them a line in the comments and let them know what you think of their work.


Update from the Larpers Production Crew

Its weekly update time! We are just wrapping up on week two of our campaign, and still are moving forward with a lot of steam. Thank you so much for your continued support, it means so much to us.
Since last week we managed to raise $435 dollars bringing our grand total to $1235. That puts us at about 20% of our $6000 goal. With this kind of support we are well on our way to making LARPers a reality!

But, you guessed it, we can’t make LARPers a reality without you. Please keep sending your friends and family to our site and keep spreading the word. We need every dollar we can get to give you guys the best quality show we can muster.

This week we have a very special treat. Take a look a short scene from the pilot script. Our hero Walter is on his way to his LARP and trying to explain his hobby to a documentary crew. Enjoy!

Script Sneak Peak


Walter drives his car with a kid-like excitement on his
He tries to look into camera when he speaks but has to keep
his eyes on the road.

LARPing stands for live action role
playing. Its like D&D or any of
your other pencil and paper-based
games but way more intense.


Walter stands in full homemade peasant garb. He swings his
dual axes ferociously.

I mean I like a good pencil sesh as
much as the next dungeon master.
But this brings it to life. This
makes it real.

There is no form to his spastic swings. He looks more like
an angry child than a warrior.

However, he looks completely happy.


Walter continues driving, he only occasionally looks over at
the camera.

I guess it’s the difference between
watching the big game on TV and
being on the field. I’m the kind of
guy who wants to get in the game.

Walter is turning into a parking lot.

Is what I do any stranger than
wearing a giant piece of cheese on
your head or painting your entire
upper body with the word GO on it?

The camera pans to reveal a large viking like troll man
adjusting his loincloth.


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