Larping in 2020: 5 People Doing Incredible Things

Larping in 2020 ain’t easy…The last six months have not been favorable to a hobby that by definition requires people to be “live”. During this time, if you’re anything like me, you’ve missed out on countless larp events and have sorely missed your friends, stories, and just being in the environment that gives you so much inspiration. 

However, there are people out in the amazing larp community that are creating new and interesting ways to larp and others that are keeping us motivated, inspired, and entertained. While our current situation drags on… these people are giving us hope! 

In no particular order I present to you 5 people/organizations that you should check out immediately to be inspired, or to play one of their larps.

Sonja’s Adventures!

Several times a week Sonja has been creating amazing content to keep her community motivated, inspired, and having fun. 

Among the many incredible things she does on a regular basis is highlight larpers from all around the world: tells their story, shows off their hard work and dedication to their costuming and makeup and then gives them all of the credit! A quick scroll through her Facebook or Instagram will show you person after person who has taken their costuming, makeup and props to the absolute next level. 

Sonja has also created an amazing filter on Instagram that will instantly turn you into a fortune teller. It’s the most larping in 2020 thing you’ll see anywhere and I love it!

Follow all of Sonja’s Adventures on Facebook and Instagram

Magimundi Online

I had the opportunity to attend the first New World Magischola with a few friends when it first launched. Since then the project has grown into many events with hundreds and hundreds of participants. The NWM world is a deep, fascinating, and inclusive world spanning books, board games, card games, and a HUGE online community.

Digital larping is about the only way you’ll be larping in 2020. And for the first time you can experience the New World Magischola larp online!

Here’s a little bit from the website explaining: 

“For the past five years, thousands of people from around the globe have escaped to the magical world of the Magimundi through our live events. There, you can be a hero, save the day, find romance, challenge villains and discover magic as the star of your own story in an immersive environment that makes you forget about life’s doldrums and mundanity. 

It’s a life-changing experience of empowerment, camaraderie, thrills, and fun. The actions you take change the story as it unfolds before your eyes. Your choices matter. YOU matter. 

For the first time, we are bringing the magic of the Magimundi online through virtual experiences. Now you can escape into the magical world from your computer or mobile device whenever you want. Be the wizard you were meant to be. On your schedule.”

The opportunity to larp online, right now, in an established and immersive environment is one you should definitely consider exploring!

Cafe Afterlife: A Digital Larp

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to talk to a long deceased historical figure and get their take on current world affairs this online exclusive larp may be just what you’re looking for. The Geek Initiative has created Cafe Afterlife a digital larp wherein you take on the role of a dead historical figure, meet up in a virtual cafe, and discuss humanity…

I love this concept because it so accurately picks up on all of the themes of our current times… and is a perfect setting for larping in 2020.

Here’s more from The Geek Initiative Website: 

“Those who have already lived understand that there must be a better way to do things.

Given the opportunity for intervention in the world of the living, groups of notable figures from the past gather in virtual café-style settings to determine if and how they should provide humanity with a helping hand.

As a participant in this multi-session live action experience, you will assume the historical identity of your choice.* In your first two sessions, you’ll share coffee, tea, or another beverage with a small group of other historical notables (approximately six); and in the final session, you’ll find yourself grouped with like-minded people in the larger café of the afterlife.

You may discover that in tackling humanity’s problems, there is more left to learn about yourself. Conflict, intrigue, friendship, and even romance may await you as you interact with others in the afterlife. Your agenda here may matter as much as it did when you were alive, so what’s your play?”

Head on over to the website and join one of the upcoming sessions:

How to Make a German Landsnecht Hat!

Daisy Viktoria has created a truly beautiful German renaissance hat. The subtitle of the video is “curled feathers and absolute fashion”. And that’s all that needs to be said. Check out the video below:

VALHA11A: A Viking Sci-Fi Online Larp

larping in 2020
Incredible costuming and makeup!

This new game wraps up some of my personal favorite themes all into one and looks like an incredible experience! This game is based on Norse Mythology and set in space. Ok, I’m in! 

The only bummer is that the date to join has already passed! Why didn’t anyone tell me in July! 

The other exciting thing is that the proceeds from this game went towards the survival of The Otherworld Theater Company. 

Here’s hoping that they do another run of the game and more people can get in on the action! 

Check out their website and message them to do another run!

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