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Larry the Larper

This is a web series still in it’s infancy, but it’s looking like it might be promising. Though, the jury is still out on what we think of it (some of us think it’s hilarious, while others think Larry is annoying). Here’s the description from the youtube channel:

Larry was an average nerd, content to play his table top games in his friend’s mom’s basement, until he discovered the world of LARPing, and his whole world was turned upside down.

They don’t have an official website, but you can find their YouTube Channel and their Tumblr and Facebook page so you can keep up with their production schedule. For now, though, what are your thoughts: Is Larry a little too obnoxious or is he endearingly funny? What about the production value: good enough or a little too rough around the edges to warrant further watching? Discuss in the comments.

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  1. David Miller June 18, 2012 Subscriber

    hello i am the creator, director, and fight choreographer for Larry the LARPer. I am also the actor who plays Larry.
    I know it may not be my place to post here but I was happy that you had taken interest in my web series and thought, if you wanted, i could answer any questions you had about the series.
    thanks for your interest.

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