Larry The Larper - Photo Gallery & Announcement


When we started this website, almost a year ago, one of our goals was to create a community of people that love larp and want to promote it on the web. With that idea in mind we started creating content and finding the best larp related content on the web. A year later, that goal is taking shape with lots of guest blogging, our larp comic (How To Larp) and lots of other opportunities coming down the pipe. When we first stumbled across the web-series “Larry The Larper” we thought it had potential, but wasn’t getting much exposure. So we decided to ask the team creating the show if they wanted to come on board with, and they agreed. So, today we’re happy to announce that will be the official home of Larry the Larper. What does this mean? That means that all future episodes of Larry and his adventures into larping will be hosted here. We’re very excited to be able to promote the team creating Larry the Larper and hope you will give them a warm welcome as they create a web-series about larp.

To celebrate we’ve got a whole photo gallery full of stills from the upcoming episode. There are a few hints at what happens next, see if you can spot them!

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  1. Wryslok July 24, 2012 Subscriber

    If you haven’t seen it, Larry the Larper is hilarious, charming, and really well done. Thanks for making them!


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