Live Action Legends: Larp Adventures

We believe there is a Live Action Role Play event out there for everyone, no matter what style of play you prefer. The larp world is comprised of such welcoming people, and we hope to be a reflection of that here at We want to celebrate our diverse community! You can of course search listings and find larp events and communities right here on our site. But we also want to take the time to highlight some awesome larp events and people here on our blog.

Today we want to share with you Larp Adventures. This group has been around for several years and strives to create a unique interpretation of what has come to be known as a Nordic Style Larp. Based in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, their mission is to grow the group locally and work towards reaching out nationally and internationally to create chapters all over the United States and abroad. Exciting stuff!

They’ve got it all

Not only does Larp Adventures host an in-person event once a month, but they also offer much more. Online roleplaying, downloadable character creation sheets, a fully developed world, and a welcoming community. It’s easy to see why so many larpers enjoy Larp Adventures!

With a Governing Council, tons of combat, puzzles & riddles, and a Global Economy, this larp is as in-depth as they come. If you are interested in an unparalleled experience in an immersive world, then this larp will get you hyped. The best place to start is their website, where you can learn everything there is to know about Larp Adventures.

It is wonderful to see that there are still larping events happening during the pandemic, while still maintaining safe guidelines. If you have a larp you’d like to share on our site, submit it here! We love to help spread the word on fun and exciting Live Action Role Play related things.

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