Living the Larp Life: 14 Photos To Inspire You!

It’s finally Friday! After a long week of living the larp life, it’s time to kick off your sabatons and use the extra weekend time to really live the larp life. We hope you all have an exciting larp event or project to look forward to this weekend. Not sure if there are any larps near you? Check here to find out.

If there are no larps near you and you don’t have a project for the weekend, do not despair. There are endless ways you can still make your own adventure. There’s so much you can do even in the comfort of your own home! Practice your battle technique, sew a button, journal about your character’s backstory – don’t be afraid to dive in deep. We’ve collected this gallery of larpers in your community for your inspiration. Enjoy!

We continue to discover new ways to enjoy living the larp life and look forward to sharing what we find with you. We’re so very glad to bring you these awesome people, places, and things as we reinvigorate our website and community! If you have a unique way of enjoying larp and you’re interested in sharing it with the world, we’d love to hear about it. Comment down below or send us an email with your story.

larp assassin in the woods
Credit: u/SheeptarTheSheepKing via Reddit

Our unique way of living the larp life is that of community building. We get such joy seeing so many of you doing the things you love, and we want to share the love. Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog posts next week! We will be featuring a story from a satyr named Phil Kapra, a new larp on the up and coming, and more.

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