Lloyd the Conqueror Week & Seattle Larp Costume Contest Winners!

lloyd the conqueror

In celebration of our seeing Lloyd the Conqueror on Saturday night (and our Seattle Larp Costume Contest), we have decided that this week will be “Lloyd the Conqueror Week!” The festivities will include: an interview with the director and some cast, an interview with actual larpers who saw the film, our review of the film and finally, a behind the scenes mini-documentary on the film! It’s going to be a good week. You’re not gonna want to miss anything!

Last week we gave out the call to the local Seattle Larpers to don their best larp gear, snap a photo and win free tickets to Lloyd the Conqueror. We announced the contest on Friday and the movie was on Saturday, so it was a short window to enter and win. The contestants were few, but their costumes and heart were great. So, below, I present to you our winners:

Seattle Larp Costume Contest!

Winner #1: Nick from Dargarth

Nick was our first contestant and valiantly wore his costume to the showing. He was a great sport and we really appreciated his enthusiasm. He also rallied some of the other members of Dargarth out to the showing that will appear in an interview we did with them before and after the showing of Lloyd the Conqueror.

Seattle Larp

This is Nick.

larp costume

This is Nick destroying his enemy!

Winner #2: Lucas from Dargarth

Lucas wins because he was able to snap a photo of himself riding his trusty steed. Many props to Lucas from going out of his way to snap a photo of himself in his gear on such short notice!

larp costume

This is Lucas riding his majestic steed!

Stay tuned all week for great reviews of Lloyd the Conqueror!

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