Check out this Legendary Cloak & Hoodie Combo Kickstarter!

I got an email this week about this hoodie and thought this was a really cool idea. It’s not necessarily larp clothing, but that hood would look pretty good under some armor. Check out the video and go help this Kickstarter meet it’s funding goals!

Taking Fantasy Clothing up a notch!

The idea’s pretty simple. Take a cloak and a hoodie, mix em up. And you have the LOTH Hoodie. It’s got hidden Pockets, a long hood and cool lines. That’s basically it. Oh and it’s just the most amazing hoodie you’ll ever see!

Check out the Kickstarter here!

fantasy hoodie

Hi my name is Bill Rogers, creator of the LOTH hoodies. I have been developing this hoodie for the past 4 years. But I have had the idea for over 10 years. I always love to wear hoodies with my favorite characters on it. It was an expression of my interest. I got the idea to make this hoodie after watching some of my favorite movies and playing my favorite video games. As a kid, and even in high school I loved to dress up in costume. I even remember a time when I was 21 when my best friend and I set up a stack of rock in a creek and pretended they were goblins and trolls and we would jump out and throw rocks at them with our awesome skills. Geeks right. Well this hoodie is for all of the Geeks out there.I am really excited about this project! Someone recently asked me, “Why are you making these hoodies?” I simply responded, “Because I want to wear one.” I have seen the same reaction and excitement about this Hoodie from other fellow fantasy fans. We’ve developed many prototypes and tried multiple fabrics and it’s now ready to make its 1st appearance at the Salt Lake Comic Con. We just returned from the show and had a great response! Everyone loved the design and the feel of these hoodies. We already placed some pre-orders and the customers are very excited! Discover how the LOTH hoodie is perfect for all your daily adventures.


fantasy hoodie


I wanted this hoodie to be unique and functional. For the fabric I wanted something warm and that had texture to it. So I chose a thermal knit fabric for the outside shell. For the inside I chose a soft anti-pill polar fleece. Then topped it off with matching ribbing for the wrist and waist.


fantasy clothing

Designed in both adult and youth sizes this hoodie also has a lot of cool features. The most obvious of which is the long pointed hood. Designed to sit comfortably on your head and keep you warm throughout your adventures. Another one of the great features of this hoodie are the hidden pockets. Not only do these pockets keep your hands warm but they also help skiers keep their skins warm. And don’t forget, this hoodie is manufactured in the United States and always will be.продвижение сайтапродвижениечто дает регистрация сайта в каталогахкак взломать страницу одноклассников без программчехол для iphone книжкаприватбанк кредитная карта клубничка26 рфgratis slot games spielenbackpage dubai escortslot oyun oynaMicrogaming online casinoгодовое количество осадков в танзаниибыстро похудеть марьино

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