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Larp Shop Contest

Happy 2013 Larpers from around the world! To celebrate the ringing in of a new year we’re having a New Years Resolutions Contest! The contest is simple: In the comments below, post your larp character’s New Year’s Resolutions. Make them funny, make them serious, tell us a story, just make sure that they are true to your character and in his/her voice. We’re going for creativity here, so entertain us!


The Prizes

  1. First Prize: Orc Marrow Biter Mask & 25% off coupon for the Larp Shop!
  2. Second Prize: 20% off coupon for the Larp Shop!
  3. Third Prize: 15% off coupon for the Larp Shop!

But, because we love you and want you all of your character’s to start off the year with new gear, we’re giving a 10% off coupon for everyone who enters into the contest! Everyone’s a winner here! Get your resolution’s ready and post away!

The Rules

  • Include your characters name.
  • You must use a working email address.
  • Only one entry per character.
  • A person may submit multiple character submissions, but will only receive one coupon.
  • Including some context for your character will be greatly helpful.
  • Winners will be announced on January 18th!
  • 10% coupons will be sent via email within ~24 hours.
  • Winners coupons will be sent once contest ends.

Get commenting!

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  1. Eckbert of the order of the Shining Sword January 8, 2013 Subscriber

    My new year’s resolutions:

    -Cleanse Durholme of the vile undead
    -Cleanse everywhere else of the vile undead
    -Get my arm fixed
    -Woo the seneschal of Durholme.

  2. Gag the Northern Barbarian January 9, 2013 Subscriber

    – ” I aar ska Gag itj FEAR noen ting! Han skal reis ut aa slakt kvaer eineste FOE som kjem i hans vei! Aa saa ska han ordne navnet sitt.”

    Gag is a character I’ve played with in the NERO Toronto chapter. He spoke an absolute minimum of English since he was from a very remote tribe (I used Norwegian dialects as the basis for what he says). He did sing a lot, since he was his tribe’s travelling bard (skald). He was also the first to fall in every battle. (Barbarian bravery + all skill points put into bardic skills = suicide)

    His new years resolution is about slaying many foes so that he can rename himself. (In the last session with him he (and I) learned the English meaning of his name.

  3. Sigh Badguy January 9, 2013 Subscriber

    Sigh is a Human Sorcerer with an incredible will to survive, and an even more incredible willingness to leave his friends behind.. though, not without making a display of it first.

    “Sigh Badguy’s list of things to improve on this year:

    -I will stop diving out of the dining room window during dinner after discovering the food is poison and the man-servant are armed. The Grass is not always greener on the other side, it is in fact sometimes not grass at all, but a thorn bush, and full of glass.

    -I will stop using a boar a skewered on my long spear as an excuse to call my weapon a boar spear and take the damn thing off already.

    -After removing a boar from my spear, I will never again require our half-orc to haul its bleeding carcass around the sunken temple to use it as a tester for traps. Especially if they are already clearly labelled.

    -Even if the Stone Guardian requires a constant intake of human flesh, I will not flee the encounter to gather the dead bodies of those we’ve already deal with and lob them down the staircase onto my fellow adventurers, even if the sight of them trying to escape the pile before being eaten does “add a sense of realism.”

    -When I am on watch and confronted with overwhelming numbers, I will wake the rest of the party before retreating expeditiously.

    -When I am on watch and confronted with overwhelming numbers, I will not attempt to enlist with them and show them I mean business by alerting them to the location of my sleeping (former) comrades

    -When I am on watch, I will watch instead of reading on the roof where the enemies wont think to look for me if they come.

    -Causing the Knight’s horse to spontaneously combust is not a way to ensure that dinner will be ready after we win the encounter, especially when we might have avoided the encounter.

    -I will stop trying to convince everybody that I am a Bard by writing horrific theme songs telling tales of our parties grisly acts (truthful or not) and garnering us widespread mistrust and bad reputation across the lands

    And most importantly of all:

    -I will continue to do all of the above, especially if it involves a cunning plan requiring the misuse of deceased animals for the SOLE intention of pissing off the annoying druid.

    -Sigh Badguy
    Wandering Sorc… ahem *Bard.
    The Adventure Group Formerly known as “The Battle-axe Battalion”

  4. V'tani Serpentscale January 9, 2013 Subscriber

    New Years Resalooshun?

    Hm. If dat means what I think it means, I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna try my hardest to be a better witch. An’ a better healer. An’ stop trustin’ people so much. That got me into a lotta trouble last year so I’m gonna stick to what I know. I’m gonna be a better V’tani. Yeah.

    (V’tani is a troll witch that I play at Seventh Kingdom IGE. She is naive and very scatterbrained but she has a good heart. She only wishes to protect her family and friends at all costs.)

  5. Lasivian January 9, 2013 Subscriber

    I Lasivian cannot make any such resolutions. Many years past I resolved to never again make such resolutions and I have diligently held true to my word ever since!

  6. Robin W. (Simonton "the Scorpion" Carkeek" January 9, 2013 Subscriber

    I am Simonton, the Scorpion, and I am a thief in the world of Dargarth (

    I’ve walked the wilds for as long as I can remember. Weaving in and out of the brush, a few steps ahead of the terrible darkness that has seemed to follow my every step.

    Only recently did I stumble upon this vast, green valleys and gargantuan mountains that surround it. My feet bloodied, my clothes in tatters, I spied a tower in the distance, beckoning to me. In a moment of desperation, I spied a morsel, attempting to relieve my anguish. Immediately, an arcane hand appeared, and soon after its master, whom I found was named “Kendrick Flamehands”, the first mage of Dargarth and headmaster of the Academy Arcana Bellum.

    In exchange for my life, he asked that I become his personal assistant, for it seems he saw something in me that day. After explaining my past, he felt pity on me, and took me on as his personal student. I had no name before this, having been known as “Scorpion” for my abilities to hide and “sting” with my twin blades that I saved, a constant memory of my past. He gave me a name, “Simonton Carkeek”, for more formal company.

    He began teaching me the ways of the energies of the universe, and how to bend them to your will. I am good at becoming unnoticed, and Kendrick and I have been working on controlling light and the way people see, the one thing I know that saved me countless times as I hid myself eyes who wished to see me.

    It is my hope that in the next year, I can join this “family” that has welcomed me with open arms. No longer am I a servant, but a brother, and feel like I no longer have to run. Kendrick see’s a vision of a world without those who chase after your every step, of vanquishing the darkness that took all that was dear to me. A pledge has been made that no dark arts shall enter the realm.

    I plan to help him see this through, and in doing so create a world where all those who fear shall be able to find safety in our midst, like I did.

  7. Lucian January 9, 2013 Subscriber

    Only illuminated by the light of candle; the central chambers of the Castle in Sanctuary were in stir. The representatives of each race who resided within the country’s boundaries were all present, acting as emissary’s; and each and every one of them had there own agenda for the year to come. The Dwarve’s urged for Fortifications, a way to show off there skill as smiths and mason workers, while the elves urged for more placed of commerce and living to be built; allowing further population growth as well as profit to be made.

    To say the chambers had been a stressful place to be over the past week would have been an understatement. Each of the representatives wanted there objective to be completed above all else; and the supposibly peaceful arguments had almost come to blows between the many different races a number of times. However the scwabbling and arguments came to an end as the large oak doors to the Chambers open with a faint creaking of strained wood. Each of the emissary’s grew quite as Sir Lucian walked in. Snow still residing on his shoulders as he reached the center of the room.

    “It pleases me that so many of you were able to come on such short notice” The man said with a smile as he began to remove his armor; placing it on the table before him. “However at the same time it displeases me to see how you are currently acting at the moment” With that the man removed the last of his armor, and sat down looking at each of the emissary’s around the room. Asking each of them over the next hour to explain in detail what it was that they wanted.

    As the last of the representatives it’s reply, Lucian couldn’t help but give off a faint smile “Emissary’s of Sanctuary” He said before pushing himself up out of the chair that he was currently sitting in. “While each and every one of you have the correct mindset in wanting to help others, You also have yourself narrowed down far too much” He said before walking to the edge of the room, so that no one would be at his back as he spoke. “While Grand architecture and ways of commerce are indeed a great thing to behold; there are a number of things that must be completed before that. The Sanctuary was founded so that everyone would have a place to stay; those thrown out by other country’s on the urn or simply too poor to afford lodging. How can we begin to plan on making our own lives better when there are still territory’s on our island that are still without govern? The Winter gales howl in the night and feel as though they freeze’s the flesh on contact. I personally cannot think about making my own life and those who already have stable lives when there are those who facing this winter alone; and within our arm’s reach!” As he said that Lucian paused watching the emissary’s reactions, much of them remaining silent, keeping themselves from making eye contact with one another.

    “My personal goal; while meaning nothing If I don’t have the backing of the people, and in turn you. Is to gather the remainder of the island under the banner of Sanctuary. Once that is done and I am sure that no one on the island is without the basic necessity’s. We can start to build; Creating Town’s Throughout the Island!” With that the elves and a number of other races who had been sided with them perked up and took notice. “And with that; the profit can go towards funding for the Stonework the Dwarve’s wish to create” With that the rest of the other races, short of a few seemed to be pulled in from his speech, the last few finally caving in, before finally agreeing on the final plan. “While this will surly take over a single year; I am pleased to know that you are all with me on this for the betterment of out country, and its people!” With that there was a cheer throughout the chamber. That seemed to Echo throughout the City; The cheer even covering up the winters howling wind.

  8. Ceara January 9, 2013 Subscriber

    I just want to learn to be a human. I spent so long observing them and thinking they were funny…now that I am one, it’s kinda hard. I might really die. Plus my magic is all different and because things always get messed up with Freehold I couldn’t go visit my sister-friend’s kingdom with her and now I’m stuck someplace dumb and I just hate it!

    ((Ceara is a faerie-turned-human played at Seventh Kingdom IGE. She sounds like a Disney princess, basically))

  9. Charlene Adkins January 11, 2013 Subscriber

    This year I will TRY very hard to remember to be considerste of other cultures, while adventuring in other lands such as 1) not to cast necromancy spells in foriegn lands. Not everyone appreciates a good undead minion; 2) just because its cute and fluffy doesn’t meant I can waylay it and keep it as a pet; 3) even if I can life them, using death spells on friends is considered murder in other lands. ~Himé Wren’ryu MoonDragon, Stewardess of the Lunari Nation

    (Wren is a fairly young, curious Lunari Elf. Lunari elves were once a great kingdom of Dark Elves that lived under ground in the wild country of Naringal. Through a series of events including war with a rival Dark Elf kindom and a spell back lash the clan was driven to the surface and turned pale. Essentially, the Lunari are white Dark Elves – retaining all the cultural aspects of their heritage.)

    (Note: This post is OUT OF GAME for and statements cannot be used as in game knowledge for NERO LARP.

  10. Hameren Striker January 11, 2013 Subscriber

    The new age is here and with thy own age slipping soundly away from my bones a goal a resolution will be no more then that of ones constant struggle to survive, to prosper, to honor ones family, and to protect the ones you love. A resolution doesn’t tell me to do what i was born to do but force me to be more then myself my resolution is to cast aside the sins of my past and charge forward and meet my death and glory head on with a shield and hammer at my side i will defend my honor, my allies, and my king. FOR PENDRAKEN!!!!! FOR THE SEVEN!!!!!

  11. Fundi the Magnificent January 12, 2013 Subscriber

    Fundi find lots of books for Liberry. No books make Liberry sad. Fundi no like sad Liberry!

  12. Fundi the Magnificent January 13, 2013 Subscriber

    Sorry … forgot to explain.

    Fundi the Magnificent is a young half-ogre who dreams of being a smart and respected mage. All he understands is that smart people have lots of books, so he has begun collecting anything that has writing on it for his new library.

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  14. Benak January 14, 2013 Subscriber

    Personally. I would just like to finish my characters costume. His name is Benak, he started as a goblin in my head, but he might turn into an orc before this is all done. When the costume is done, I can start working more on who he is. Basically all I have is his armor done, winning this mask would help GREATLY to finishing him and cut back on costs a WHOLE lot.

  15. Perseus Mystraven January 15, 2013 Subscriber

    My resolution for the year that has surpassed us is simply to succeed in my newest mission. I must slip through the lore woods and assassinate the evil king with the help of my comrades. I am an assassin of the order of the forest, as well as a ranger of the night. Now I have found another goal as well, I give myself the task of winning this challenge that you have put before me! But I must away, thank you good sir.

  16. 13 January 15, 2013 Subscriber

    My character in the UK system Curious Pastime’s is a rat-beast-kin called 13 and he is the head scout of the Wolfs faction. The wolfs are a bunch of mainly human vikings and generally they all hate rat-men as a few years ago they had a massive war with them. My character only escaped being murdered by his own faction on a number of occasions by being… well… very very competent.

    As a knife wielding, “not an assassin honest” type, 13’s new year resolution is to take more people, that he does not like within his own faction, onto nighttime scouting missions with him and then to look very upset later on when an “unknown enemy” or “accident” happens to them in the dark and they never come back.

    13 also has the resolution to cast more forget spells on himself with his Shaman magic’s after he has “accidentally” killed some “fools” so that if anyone uses sense truth spells or skills on him he will not be knowingly lieing when he says he never killed them.

  17. Fish Fang January 15, 2013 Subscriber

    My character in the UK system Lorian Trust is a dog-beast-kin called Fish Fang. Fish is a Dalmatian dog and the Grand Duke of House Fang, ruler of Mito Kinway and founding noble of the Principality of Heshel within the Jackals Nation.

    Fish is both a Shadow Mage and a Ritualist and has a flare for creating both Demons and Unliving in great strength within the ritual circle. He is also the High Ritualist of the pattern of evil, Satuun, and a worshiper of Gulgamoth, the ancestor of Chaos.

    This year Fish is on a mission for personal power, after years of research and study he is finally ready to turn himself into the ultimate being. And so Fish Fang’s new year resolution is to first have himself turned into a Were-Cat ritual himself (the chaos of a dog that turns into a cat appeals to him) and then ritual himself into a fur golum with a magical life pattern making himself…. while very strange in heritage, mega powerful and very hard to kill!

  18. Gob January 15, 2013 Subscriber

    My new character in the Profound Decisions system Empire, which is based in the UK, is an Orc called Gob. This is a new big fest system within the UK and so has not yet run any events.

    So Gob the, leader of the Imperial Orc baggage train to the Orc Legions, is mainly resolved to not get dead and if he does get dead he is resolved to not come back as some unliving thingy.

  19. Kuja January 15, 2013 Subscriber

    My character is called Kuja and his new years resolution is a two parter.
    Part 1 – Don’t get caught
    Part 2 – If caught blame everything on best friend

  20. Belemrys January 17, 2013 Subscriber

    Not die. Seriously. I would like to make it through the year and not die!!! I am a battle firemage….I am going to die…I this to be a fact…just like I know fast food and forsaking the gym will happen…but hey it IS a new years resolution…we all know it ain’t gunna happen.

  21. Damian VanHart January 18, 2013 Subscriber

    My character is named Dimetri Yhatzi…a gypsy thief/swashbuckler at Knight Realms LARP.

    My New Years resolutions include:

    Stealing something of high value and getting away with it.
    Learning the secrets of the Master rogues.
    Finding a wife to calm and placate my family before Uncle tells me I am single again. (So far, two pigs, a cow, 4 chickens, and 500 gold has not swoon my desire).
    And of course, enjoying more of the open road.

    As always, may I say…

    Si khohaimo may pachivalo sar o chachimo. (There are lies more believable then truth)

  22. July 20, 2013 Subscriber

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