Geas: Burgkon the Second (Polish Larp in a real castle!)

larp castle

Yes, you can larp in a real castle.

Geas: Burgkon the Second is an immersive, dkwddk (we’ll get to what that is in a minute) polish larp, taking place in real medieval castle in Poland. It will take place on 28-30 September 2012. The game starts on Friday afternoon/evening and goes on non-stop until Saturday night or small hours on Sunday. We are trying to implement idea of 360 degrees illusion: attractive scenery, performing all activities in-game (including sleeping and eating), lack of point-based mechanics, are ways in which we are trying to accomplish this goal. First Geas larp took place also in Grodziec, autumn 2011. Hearing very positive reviews from players, we decided to make this kind of larp one again. There are still some ideas that we couldn’t implementin last year, as well as potential for Burgkon to become even more realistic, dramatic and attractive.


The fact that GEAS takes place in an actual medieval castle, located on a secluded hilltop, can help in immersing in a fantasy ambience. The idea is to engage in the illusion of a fantasy world as far as possible, in order to take part in a story worthy of remembering. You can sleep, eat (and go to the loo (toilet, Americans) as well) in-time, in the in-game medieval castle interiors. Should you, however, need a rest, then you can spend some time in off-time hostel part of the castle. Rather than strictly adhering to the “no touch” principle (as some LARPs would), at GEAS we suggest a “no pain” principle. It means that players may touch other players in-game as long as they cause no pain/discomfort, physical or psychological. This principle will be coplemented by a “safety word” as known from jeepform games. One exception is that of course any animals and children that may be present in the in-game area must be treated with utmost safety in mind.


We dont use point-based game mechanics, focusing on acting and roleplay in the spirit of DKWDDK. That acronym stands for Du kannst, was Du darstellen kannst — “you can that what you can represent”, or more precisely: your character can do that, what you can convincingly represent them as doing. In terms of the GNS theory or the “standard model” of LARP theory, GEAS aims at being a narrativist and partly simulationist LARP. GEAS is a LARP focused on story and ambience. Of course each character may have their own quests, but we see trying to achieve their objectives as a way of building the character’s story rather than as an end in itself.

Fate Play

In great stories — like novels, dramas or legends — characters seem often to be driven not only by their objectives but also by some larger force looming above them. By fate. So why should a LARP character be defined solely by “quests”? There is a technique well-established in the Nordic LARP scene, originated by Norwegian LARP-ers and called Fate Play. It allows to address this dilemma, and we will try to use some elements based on it in developing the characters at GEAS


Hostel-style rooms will be available (common rooms with proper beds, heating, bathrooms etc.) Plenty of in-game food and drink will be provided (though you may want to have some off-game supplies just in case). A bus will take players from Wrocław and back there (starting from near the train station, so that’s a good option if you want to come by train). Players with kids or babies are welcome at Geas. Dedicated room for babycare will be provided as needed. Please have the small ones wear clothes in line with the fantasy ambience.

There are two options for participation fee:
125 zł (~28E) ,- Including participation in larp, in-game food and accommodation in hostel-like conditions. Number of beds is limited, so please notice us about your participation as soon, as possible.

75 zł (~17E) – Including participation in larp, in-game food and accommodation in “field conditions” – on a floor in one of castle’s chambers, remaining “out of game”. Of course, showers and toilets will be accessible. You will need to have a sleep bag and some mattress.

Regardless of which option you choose, sleeping “in game”, in conditions related to rank of your character, will be possible, and suggested.

Additionally, for 30 zł ( ~ 7 E) we are offering bus transport from Wrocław (and back). Exact hours of bus’s departure and arrival will be known before larp, right now we cans say that it will leave Wroclaw at Friday morning, coming back, after larp, at Sunday, about 3 pm.

Today’s post comes from Kamil, one of the events coordinators. For more information you can email: Driving directions to the castle can be found here.продвижение сайтапродвижениев яндексевзлом пароля wi fiсумки для macbook air 11кредитные карты без справок и проверокcasino gratis para blackberryescort servcecasino sitesiautorкак добывают танзанитфитнес ссср в джержинском

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