Realm of Larp - Episode 1: The Journey Begins

The first episode of Nerdist’s Realm of Larp titled The Journey Begins is out. Meet the main cast of characters, all real Larpers, and get acquainted with their game world. This is shaping up to be pretty good. It’s got a nice introduction to larp vibe, while following a small group of characters that you can begin to understand and relate with immediately. Can’t wait to see more.

What are your thoughts? Awesome show or dud? Accurate portrayal of Larpers or more horrible stereotyping?

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  1. Ivar June 27, 2012 Subscriber

    Well, I definitely like it better than “Larry the Larper” (which seems a bit too goofy to me). Larp and larpers are presented in a more positive (and still humorous, but not mocking) light.

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