The Report from Doomsday!

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Hi, My name is Tom, and I am a LARPer. I’ve been partisipating in different larps for about 8 years this October. I’m a player, a marshal, a contributer of props and paraphinalia, and recently; a crowd source backer.

Today, I’m going to report on a new sci-fi boffer and nerf larp located outside of Philadelphia, called Doomsday!

Doomsday is set nearly a thousand years in the future on another planet, called Tempest. We, the game, are a new settlement on a mysterious island that was invisible to all forms of electronic scanning and sattilite pictures. It would appear as a black spot on any form of map or picture from space taken of it.

Humans, the majority of the playable races, have changed over the years due to reliance on robots and machines. Think Wall-E type humans. Machines cooked, cleaned, and maintained their health for them. One day, the Machine Mother, the grand controller of these machines, she left and took the machines with her. With her and the machines gone, humans had to live life without mechanical reliance. Trillions died from trying to start over.

Nearly two millenia later, she returned to kill all humans. As humanity’s curtain was set to close, she stopped and fled into deep space, leaving most of her loyal minions to fend for themselves, free from her command. With the galaxy returning to the calm before the prior storm, a new one rises. Internal struggles and external conflicts on the horizon, the colony of Sanctum must learn the mysteries of the island to solve the many problems it is sure to face.

The game’s rule system functions like many tag-skill combat LARPs. You have body points, if someone hits you with a weapon that does damage, you subtract it from your body total. If you hit zero, you’re unconscious. Stamina, the game’s energy points, power certain skills. Unlike other larps I’ve attended, Body and Stamina are not purchasable. They number of body and stamina you have is based on the class you pick.

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Each class has two paths that offer different styles of play. For example, the Juggernaut is a combat monster! One path specializes in being angry and weilding a big weapon. The other path is a damage sponge and staying in the frey. The Mystic focuses on the primal ways of the world. The shaman path is one of meditation and healing using the strange connection you have. The Apothecarian path is a crafter, creating tinctures, idols, and explosives using the raw materials the world has.

My character is a Robot Engineer of the Makeshift path. I can fix armor and weapons in a jiffy! I can craft upgrades and impliment them in your armor to take more hits or upgrade that gun to pack more of a punch. Being a robot, I have some hardware cybernetics that aid me in moving people and things. With my ‘Winch’, I can haul wounded and drop pods out of the battlefield.

I decided to play a Robot because I naturally like to play characters of conflict. Something about having a level of roleplay like that fascinates me. Sometimes, it can bite me in the behind, but it puts me in spots where I have the roleplay placed on me. I choose to play an anti-combat character. I can use a pistol, but hardly use it. I intend to use a large shield to act as a wall for others to get behind.

My character, AR3-413, is a Labor Unit Robot. I wear a lot of hard foam costume pieces and use glow wire and other lights on me to show I’m a machine. I’m a tall guy, so wearing all that makes me look even bigger. Which, playing a Robot, is meant to be these heavy, clunky machines. The game started in the summer, so I tend to be slow and try not to exert myself too much. Part of that is roleplay, the other part is that its hot with all the costuming.

The character so far, as become kind of an exception. I’ve had the most xenophobic machine hater look at me as useful. They’ll wish for the destruction of my kind, while asking for an armor patch. Given that machines know somewhat what transpired to gain that reputation, He expects to encounter some anger.

Recently, the town of Sanctum chose their name and the people in charge. Terrans, plain humans, and Aesir, Egotistical spacefarers who model themselves after mythological gods of old, compose the small council. A dynamic system of the game involves reputation. Between games, characters can perform tasks that improve the town, improve diplomatic reputation, or explore the nearby area.

Currently, the town is improving their reputation with the Aesir and The Trove, a town in tune with nature and mostly peaceful. Those two towns are in a fight with the Terran Concordia, a rather xenophobic town with strong resource connections. They act like the big kid on the block, and we’re trying to knock him down. The last event has spies try andn sabotage our reputation with our allies, but the town decided to fix it rather than build up our own town.

It’s a small game, but it’s got a lot of heart. The staff is passionate about larping and the larp experience. The community is very friendly and the combat is very action packed! The nerf gun combat makes you an honest threat due to the way body works. Having NPC’d in big combats, I’ve been gunned down by nerf disks and darts. If you want to find out more, have questions, or want to learn more about the system, visit!раскруткаaracerпродвижение сайтавзлом email бесплатноmacbook air чехолкак взять кредит для бизнесаbingo 50kr gratis18 escortsslot oynawilliam hill app androidкакие животные есть танзаниийога в люблино

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