Who said you can't shoot larp arrows quickly? [Video Tutorial]

An archer on the battlefield is quite the foe. Period. But, Bogdan Landzhev shows us that they can also be a one man wrecking crew of arrow spewing death! Check out the video above to see him unleash foam arrows at a blinding pace.

In his next video, Bogdan shows us just how accurate larp archery can be! We’ve had a lot of discussion surrounding larp arrows vs. packet arrows (physically representing arrows with packets and holding onto a bow is a common practice in many larps in the US) and the pros and cons of Larp Arrows in the first episode of The Larp Show. One of the big arguments that Dave made in that episode was that larp arrows are bulky and don’t fire quickly and that argument is now invalid! Take that, Dave!

All joking aside, medieval combat oriented larps often have archery play a big part in their battles and it is really awesome to see some great technique and videos on how to fire larp arrows with speed and accuracy.

Larp Arrow Practice

We love advances to all areas of larp skills! If you’ve got a great demo on swordfighting, crafting, foam smithing, acting, improv, or any other “skill” that is used in any kind of larp, please send it to us! Fill out our Contributions form and we’ll get it out to the masses. One of our goals is to equip you with all of the skills, gear and knowledge you need to enjoy your larp experience to the fullest!

Check out our Larp Arrows in the Larp Shop!

Wondering where you can get your hands on some larp arrows and a bow so you can perform rapid fire archery on the battlefield?

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  1. Kristin January 15, 2014 Subscriber

    This is so cool! I hope I can try this out soon.

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