The Unbelievable Story of The Fastest Growing Scifi Larp in Seattle

Editor’s note: The below post was written by Matthew Oostman and Ron Leota. What they give you is a succinct description of their game, the world they created and the creative process involved in implementing the game.

What they only hint at is how quickly this game, that only runs twice a year, is blowing up, selling out months in advance and breaking nearly all of the expectations of it’s participants. I expect to see big things coming out of this game in the months ahead! Spite: A Science-Fiction LARP is a twice per year high-immersion/low-rules live action game. Our events center around factions working within a humans vs. aliens scenario set in a near future Earth shortly after a full-scale invasion.

When we began writing Spite about 3 years ago we wanted to bring a unique LARPing experience to the Pacific Northwest. We are both avid LARPers and enjoy many types of games but there were some genres and styles we had not seen locally or at least hadn’t seen combined into a single game. We were inspired by a number of local LARPs. LAST Games’ Zombie and an assortment of “European” LARPs were a big influence with their simplistic rules and once per year models. High-immersion games like World of Oz and Shadow Accord influenced our decision to make a fully WYSIWYG game. Alliance and Devia were also big influences on our combat intensity and economy.

One of the things we wanted to build when creating Spite was a supportive LARPing community. We celebrate our role as many of our players’ second or third LARP. It’s our hope that we can encourage players from all over our area to try out other games and share their knowledge, skills, and props as much as possible. Our model for Spite has always been to run a limited number of events per year in an underrepresented genre. Initially we considered a zombie survival game with a sci-fi twist, however Dystopia Rising, a nationwide franchise zombie LARP, established a local chapter and filled that niche. Rather than compete with another local game, and keeping true to our desire to run something unique, we decided to continue developing the rules and reworking the story.

After some brainstorming we came up with a game about humanities struggle versus a race of intelligent humanoid insect aliens: the Dromanae. Things fell into place quickly as we wrote the world and finished the rules. We really found the genre we were looking for that would provide exactly what we wanted: a game with a low entry-barrier but with a ton of room for elaborate costuming.[/vc_column_text]

Roughly six months ago we ran our first game and we were blown away by the support of over a hundred attendees at the event and the level of immersion they brought with their game play and their own stories. We just ran our second game at a sold out Camp Kirby. This has pushed us to look at much larger sites for future events. We both look forward to the future of Spite and appreciate the amazing staff and players who make it all possible.

-Ron Leota and Matt Oostman Spite Game Runners / Creators. You can read more about Spite, and interact with the community, in their public Facebook group or you can read all about the game, it’s rules, themes and everything else on their website:

All photos courtesy of William Myers.

Have you been to Spite? Chime in down on the comments and tell us about your experience.

Does this game sound fun to you? What makes an event worth attending? Is it setting? Rules? Community

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  1. Zephyr Tjerne October 6, 2015 Subscriber

    One of these pictures* is actually a picture of Dystopia Rising, a post apocalyptic LARP at Soundview Camp. :>
    It’s the one with Tobias standing with a cup in his hand

    • Jordan October 6, 2015 Administrator

      We were informed and it was removed. 🙂

  2. Tobias McCurry October 6, 2015 Subscriber

    While awesome, I regret to inform you that the image with me from two years ago grumpily holding a coffee ( is from Dystopia Rising: WA, a post apocalyptic zombie LARP.

    Go go, Spite, though! Can’t wait to make it out to that game some time! Congrats on the coverage!

    • Jordan October 6, 2015 Administrator

      We just took it down. We were informed that it made it into our batch somehow. Sorry about that!

      • Tobias McCurry October 6, 2015 Subscriber

        You’re good. Lovely article! Thanks for covering one of WA’s excellent games!

      • Jordan October 6, 2015 Administrator

        My pleasure.

  3. Brit Nelson Lewis October 6, 2015 Subscriber

    I’m just going to sit here in the midwest, envious and drool over the costumes…

    • Jordan October 6, 2015 Administrator

      Don’t do it! Get to work and create the type of experience that you want. You can do it. Seriously. 🙂

  4. Michael Bates October 6, 2015 Subscriber

    I’ve been to both SPITE games and fully intend to attend the next game. For me, SPITE was my first LARP and has opened the door for me to perhaps join others. As noted in the article, SPITE has a very low barrier to entry, with simple rules and calls (I see it as streamlined, rather than dumbed down), an immersive environment that supports and aids your character-building, and a wide range of character and costuming choices. Being in a modern setting, you don’t have to make, or even buy, any of your costume – you can wear semi-professional clothes and be a therapist or a government agent. Or you can build an elaborate costume with props, and the game world and stry will inspire your efforts. There’s a rich diversity of characters, where you can play anything from a paranoid scrap hunter to a psychotic supersoldier to a sarcastic merceary to a compassionate doctor to a analytical scientist. In fact, it is hard to imagine a character who wouldn’t find someplace in the game to fit in. The gameplay itself is really well-paced and improving all the time. There’s an excellent blend of quiet periods where you can pick fights/make friends/earn some credits/goof around/go on missions and highly intense combat scenes with chaos and panic and yelling. It’s great. I would recommend SPITE to anyone who cares about characters and stores, who has never been LARPing before, or wants to try something a little different.

  5. Ron L October 6, 2015 Subscriber

    Thank you for this flattering post and featuring us on your site!

    • Jordan October 6, 2015 Administrator

      You’re welcome Ron! Thanks for making a great game that has inspired so many people.

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  7. Steven McCallister October 21, 2015 Subscriber

    I’ve heard that there were actual fist fights and some very serious injuries at both of these events. Please be careful if you attend.

    • Ron L January 25, 2016 Subscriber

      Hi there,

      I can assure you, as game runner, actual fist fights have never happened at Spite. Physical contact is banned without prior consent and that sort of thing would be dealt with harshly. I’d be interested to know how that slanderous rumor got started.

      As for the injuries, Michael covered that pretty well:

      Our first event an airsoft noise maker trap went off in a closed building and caused some ringing in the ears of two of our NPCs. I wouldn’t call that a “serious” injury, This has since been addressed with the player.

      At the second game I was injured when a toy blaster dart struck me directly in the pupil. I come from a number of toy blaster games and this is the first injury of its kind. My doctors described it as an impressive freak accident. This had nothing to do with the safety rules of Spite and more a result of a risk anyone takes playing a game with foam blasters.

      If you have any questions about safety or the game itself, you can feel free to email me at:

  8. Michael Bates October 30, 2015 Subscriber

    ^Steven McCallister

    As someone who was at both events, I would say that what you heard seems to be a case of a rumor getting out of hand. I can assure you that there were no real-life fist-fights at either event. Without going into personal details, there were only two serious injuries – one at each event, and neither of them were typical of this LARP. The first occurred because someone likely did not read all the rules and used an unauthorized noise-making item in the game, triggering a rather unique medical condition. The second injury was due to a NERF dart hitting someone directly in the eye. Neither of these were common or even likely occurrences and don’t reflect gameplay at Spite. All LARPS carry some possibility of injury and I don’t think that Spite is any more dangerous than most LARPs with combat elements. Please don’t give the event a negative reputation based on hearsay. In fact, come try it out yourself, so you can judge its safety personally! 🙂

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