larp ranger armor
This is a great example of a classic scoundrel.
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  1. Maria March 10, 2016 Subscriber

    As much as I like this website, it does have a bad habit of posting photos without proper credits. Even if you found this photo online by googling or on reddit or whereever you cannot simply repost it if you do not know the source. Does the person in the picture know he is featured here? Did he agree to be captioned as a “scoundrel”? Did the photographer and the copyright holder give you permission to use the picture?
    Picture copyright: Twilight ( – their terms of use state “Alle Fotos sind für den privaten Gebrauch gedacht. Um die Privatsphäre der abgebildeten Pesonen zu schützen, sind Veröffentlichung jeglicher Art und sonstige Wiedergabe ohne unsere vorherige Zustimmung nicht erlaubt.” = private use only, to protect the privacy of the people in the pictures, publication or other uses are not allowed without our permission.
    Photographer: Nabil Hanano
    Event: Twilight, “Apocalypse”, 2010

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