Seize the World - Temecula, California

 Seize the World LARP in Temecula California Vampire: The Requiem
Seize the World is a Vampire: The Requiem LARP in Temecula, CA

About: Set in 1987, Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California club scene. “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!” The long and much anticipated speculation has finally come to realization. The Governor of Northern Los Angeles lays dormant in his Hollywood Hills mansion, having gone to sleep to spare is insanity. His last wishes entrusted to an unknown Agonists who remains silent on the terms of who should become the next governor. Silently the Dons shall use this month to contemplate the next step for the leadership of the city. Human tourist pack the Esylum, coming to catch a glimpse of their favorite rock ‘n’ roll band in clubs controlled by the Kindred. Outside the safe walls of the Esylum, feuding vampire covenants continue their tongue-lashings against each other as the unaligned are picked off the street. The nights have no longer become safe for the Kindred, and the quest to find a unifying figurehead is ever so important.



Forum: No forum listed.

Venue: Vampire: The Requiem


Phone: None listed.

Address: Temecula, California

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