Stay In Character ep 2- Character Creation?

Kristin Brumley is back with the second installment of Stay in Character, a vlog hosted by her various larp characters, where Kristin literally stays in character and teaches us about larp.

Today the characters walk us through the creative process with advice applicable to just about any larp. Whether this is the first character you’ve ever pondered creating or you’re a grizzled veteran of nordic larp, I think you’ll learn something today; you’ll definitely be entertained!

What about your character creation process? Share with us in the comments what you like to think about when creating a character!

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My name is Lita Shaelyn. I am joined today

By Lady Malbone,

Iris Kismet

-Be patient with Lita! Sometimes she forgets, um, words!-

and Paradox.

-Hey, there, viewers. I just got out of a tavern brawl.

Guy didn’t know what was coming to him.

I mean he got me one quick to the face but I was just about it.

I mean he didn’t even…

Oh crap. I think he broke my mask!-

We are discussing today the topic of character

creation and how you can create a character

that is as fun to play as I am.

I should first explain that I am NOT

a character. I am a person. I am complex

and that is what separates a character

and a person. LazyLarper from LarpForge

speaks about this with great length. If you click on his face

you can watch him.

So you decide it time to make LARP character.

It very much like baby talk.

When woman of my tribe decide it time to make baby she finds strongest male

in which to mate and then baby!

You decide it’s time to make

LARP character. You take biggest strongest idea

and mate and baby! Okay.

Not really like baby talk. Bad advice.

Not natural.

Inspiration for your character

may come from many different places. I went on Facebook-

-Yes. I use Facebook-

-and I asked people where they found their inspiration. Marie

Hendrickson DeHoff said, “I’m a costumer

so I usually start there.” Aaron Vanek

said, “I try to play the opposite of what I played last.

For example, after I played a bad guy

with no combat skills, I played a good guy

with combat skills.” Other things that were mentioned included stereotypes,

images, personality traits, what the game might benefit from,

what sort of game mechanic they wanted to abuse with the character,

and even that the voices just

told them to do so. No, don’t think

that every time you create a character you should create it

the same way. All of us have been created for very different reasons.

Me? I was created because Kristin wanted to play an artist.

Lady Malbone was created as an NPC.

She was created out of necessity,

essentially for the plot line that was being created

for the players. But there was one personality trait that was

on Kristin’s mind and that was simply:

business woman. Paradox with another NPC that was created by another person

who needed someone to play a very clownish character.

Lita was created to basically fit into a certain group

of other women elves. Everyone has their own gaming style.

There are power gamers, social gamers, role players.

There are strategists. There’s people who just like makin’ trouble.

And you might enjoy maybe more than one of those things!

Knowing what sorta roles you like to play in a game

will help you to create a character that fits within your

play style. If you’re a power gamer,

then maybe you’re going to have the most fun creating a character that’s gonna kick

some butt.

Are ya really into strategy and solving puzzles?

Maybe you need to give your character some sort of hobby, like

war time strategist!

Rubik’s Cube master! You get my drift.

If later on you want to challenge yourself and try a different play style?

Then that’s great! But if this is your first character

dont’ make it harder on yourself by trying to play a game in the way that just

doesn’t suit you! Also remember what you are comfortable playing

and where you want to grow. There needs to be a balance.

Sometimes you are going to be uncomfortable when you are playing a


because you will do things that you would not normally do.

Maybe you create a character that is more social

and outgoing. You have to speak when normally you would be quiet,

but do not make yourself too uncomfortable.

It is okay if you are a against playing

a certain character. Challenge yourself when you can,

but know your limits. Once you have the inspiration for your character,

it is time to make your character sheet. There are four

main things you will likely come across on your character sheet.

This is true for most LARP genres. Number one:

The Name. The name should be appropriate.

Consider what genre of LARP you are playing. Consider the race of

the character and also the personality, so that the name

might reflect the person. I like to use shorter,

simpler names, because it is always easier for other people to remember them.

Iris got her name because it included an, “r”

and an “s.” Essentially it was fun to say in her accent.

“Iris.” Number two is: Appearance

This can include things like your race,

what makeup you will be using, and your costume.

Appearance is very influenced by what you

already look like in real life, but also what

resources you have. Number three is: Personality.

This also includes your skills. Ask questions

like, “If they could be anything they want to be,

what would it be?” “What is their biggest fear?”

Find what makes your character interesting.

There is a lot of time between LARP events.

What does your character do in between those times?

My favorite hobby in the entire world

is to read. The more you understand this person

the more fun he or she will be to play.

And finally, Number four is: Your History.

Understand where they came from and why they are

the way they are now. There should be a cause and effect

between the history, the personality, and even the name.

This is what makes the person believable.

It does not need to be perfect before you start playing

the character. Your character will change

after you start playing.

I hope this has been helpful!

Tell me more about your first character,

even if it was years ago. Or tell me about the character

you are creating now. Next time on Stay in Character,

Iris will talk more about your character’s appearance.

We will be talking about costuming and how to pick

and evolve a costume for your character. Please subscribe,

like and share my face so more people can listen

and enjoy Stay in Character. Be safe!

Until next time on Stay in Character.

Except not really like baby talk.

Not…no…mate no…mating no no…

Do not mate with ideas.

Stay in Character is a vlog about LARPing and all its facets, hosted by the many characters of Kristin Brumley. Want more videos from Kristin? Check out her Youtube Channel.

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