Střepiny: Tragedy has come to the collapsed hi-tech-civilization

Original Science Fiction World? Check. Post Apocalyptic Setting? Check. Immersive environment? Check. Badass Artwork? Check! A “game you can’t win”… Check….This is the game known as Střepiny coming to us from the Czech Republic.

Střepiny, or Shrapnel Google seems to translate it, is a Science-Fiction-Post-Apocalyptic tragedy. From their website they tell you from the start, ”

The game is built gamistická with dramatic elements, yet it is not possible to win. This is a tragedy, so do not count on the fact that your character has a chance to survive or resolve your problem. Rather, they appear larger, unexpected problems that game rip another direction. If your character has a dark secret, it is your job to tell them not to keep them until the end of the game.

The aim of the chip is to create an atmosphere of extinction and desolation, in the most authentic scenes of collapsed hi-tech civilization.”

And, if these elements didn’t set the game apart the artwork will. Below you will see some beautiful hand-made artwork that really gives life to the game and the setting.

For more artwork, in-game photos and game information check the links. To keep tabs, make sure you throw their Facebook page a like.

The Players

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