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It’s fitting that in a hobby that has based so much on medieval history and fantasy that it’s future would draw on a custom that started in the same time period. Many of the great works of art, architecture and literature were made possible by wealthy patrons who paid the way for the artist to do their work without distraction. This is the hope of Kristin Brumley and Ivan Zalac: That you would help them further the hobby of larp by creating masterpieces for the world to experience through your patronage.

Since you’re a larper you’ve probably had the thought, “What if I could do this as my job!? Imagine the possibilities!” We’ve all had this sentiment about larping, or another hobby, and spent hours day dreaming of how you and others would benefit. Here at Tom and I (Jordan) have spent more than our fair share amount of time doing just that, but we know that larp can’t be made great by just a few people. It will take a large community of creative people, across the world, to further the hobby of larp into what we know that it can be someday.

That’s why we’d like to ask you to consider being a “patron” to either Kristin Brumley or Ivan Zalac. In today’s age there won’t be just one patron, but instead they need a host of patrons to give just a little bit to their cause. Read over the brief summaries below, check out their full profiles on Patreon and consider giving to their work.

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Support Kristin Brumley & Cake Golem Productions

We are producing YouTube videos that represent the way we interpret LARPing. This is content about LARPers–by actual LARPers. We understand that this hobby is all about community and storytelling, and it is a game that teaches players to make friendships and think strategically in very high stress situations.

Basic Adventuring 101

Kristin Brumley has contributed much to not only, but has brought humor, wit, love and fun to the hobby in a really refreshing way. We really appreciate her work and the team she has put together has created some great stuff.

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Support Ivan Zalac at Crolarper

I’ve been larping since 2001., and in 2011. I started a blog Diary of a Croatian Larper. I’m primarily covering local and regional larp scene, but I’m also writing general larp tips for both players, organizers and everyone interested in just about any aspect of a larp, including – at times – news, ideas and events from just about everywhere in the world.

Ivan Zalac

Ivan has also been a big contributor to and the wider larp community. He is always positive, even when critiquing ideas he doesn’t like, and brings a lot of experience to his writing. He has attended some of the largest larps in the world and always gives a great review of what he experienced. We consider him a friend and hope to some day make it to Croatia to spend some time with him.

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