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3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Larping

Now that I've been LARPing for more than half a decade, I think back on the first game I attended. I remember how I

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Geas: Burgkon the Second (Polish Larp in a real castle!)

Yes, you can larp in a real castle. Geas: Burgkon the Second is an immersive, dkwddk (we'll get to what that is

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Nearly 20 Minutes of Drachenfest 2012!

http://youtu.be/LEo16OJpjnI Drachenfest! If you haven't heard of Drachenfest (or The Dragon Festival) now you

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Munken og Myten - A Danish Purveyor of Larp Experiences (and larp shop)

Occasionally we like to highlight people and companies doing awesome things in the larp community. Today's post is

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