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Exile: Thirty-two days of a pervasive larp

Izgon (Croatian for exile) was a one-shot pervasive larp played in the urban setting, mostly in Zagreb, Croatia but it also spread to other cities and countries.

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Portal Review: Part Two

Saturday started off nicely. The Hungarian visitors - who slept at my place - woke up early enough for another day

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Portal Review: Part One

PoRtaL, the first Croatian larp convention is done. It was an end of the really amazing and exhausting weekend.

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PoRtal: The First Ever Larp Convention in Croatia

PoRtaL will be the first larp convention ever in Croatia and the southeastern Europe. It will be held from March

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Announcing the United Southeastern Europe Larpers

At the beginning of this year larpers from Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia started a joint project called the United

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