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My Life in LARP: A timeline of LARP for the “Oregon Trail Generation”

Pre 1999: I was a latchkey kid raised on TV, movies and about normal people transported to magic realms (D&D

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Bellum Aeternus II: An Event Recap

Bellum Aeternus, a cross-game event in southern Maryland, US, returned this year in its second incarnation. Find out the features and how it went!

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Larp As a Full Contact Sport

As physical and dangerous as larping can be, it's a wonder larp isn't considered a sport. How should you handle player injuries at a full contact larp?

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Top Four Pros and Cons of Cross-Gaming

If you are lucky enough to larp in an area with multiple games, if you’ve been playing in your home Larp for a few

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How to Choose a Name for Your Larp Character

Ask any parent, writer, or LARPer - Selecting a name is a difficult process! Whether you're naming a child, pet, or

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