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Larp Shop Update: Free Shipping Ends December 31st!

Sad news: Free shipping ends in our Larp Shop December 31st... but there's a silver lining how you can ensure that affordable larp gear will be available for all for years to come!

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New Year's Resolution Larp Shop Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the larp shop contest! We had some really great entries and it was a ton of

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Latex Masks by Iron Goblin Studios: Larp Shop Announcement!

We're excited to announce a partnership with Iron Goblin Studios to bring you hand-crafted latex masks. Erick Main

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New Years Resolutions Larp Shop Contest & Sale!

Larp Shop Contest Happy 2013 Larpers from around the world! To celebrate the ringing in of a new year we're having

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Yuletide Larp Armor Sale: Buy an Armor Set get a Sword for free!

Larp Armor Sale! Happy Yuletide everyone! To celebrate the season we're having a larp armor sale so awesome that

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