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Geas: Burgkon the Second (Polish Larp in a real castle!)

Yes, you can larp in a real castle. Geas: Burgkon the Second is an immersive, dkwddk (we'll get to what that is

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LARP Tales: Ivan the Croatian Larper

Today's post is a continuation of an older series titled Larp Tales in which we highlight the story of a persons

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LARP Summer Camp: Fun for Wizards and Zombies!

Did you ever have the pleasure (or horror...)of attending summer camp as a kid? I never did, but had my parents

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LARP Tales | Rachel's Story

Today's post comes from Rachel at www.howtolarp.com. She shares her story of getting started in various kinds of

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LARP Tales: Dean's first go

Today’s post comes from Dean, over at www.larpfinder.com. He shares with us the story of his first larping

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