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Larpers Got Talent: Julianna Shows us How to Weave on a Loom

Larpers got Talent presents awesome hobbies that larpers partake in. Episode 1 covers Weaving on a Loom. Which is ore awesome then you can imagine.

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Knights and Nobles: An Intro to Larp

To say that larp is misunderstood is an understatement. Often mocked, ridiculed it’s time to shed that

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Interview with the Dark Lord of Plots: Fabian Geuss of Conquest.

Learn all things plot related from the Lord of all Plots himself.

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Camp footage from Conquest 2014

Video footage of Conquest 2014.

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Arial Footage of Mythodea

It's always fun to see the epic scale of Mythodea's camp and battle fields. If you went, tell us in the comments of

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